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The Road Ahead Through November 6th 2018

As we post this, there are 211 days left until the most important mid-term election of our lifetimes. Is it President Trump or King Trump? This election may decide.

Curbing and ultimately “repealing” Trump is essential, but it’s not enough. If we survive these four years without reshaping and rebuilding the Democratic Party into a fighting engine of democratic, progressive change, the cycle of voter despondency that led to Trump will just reassert itself a few more years down the road. We need a Party that speaks to voters for positive reasons, not just because we need to turn out this or that awful Republican.

That’s why Philly Neighborhood Networks, along with its partner Reclaim Philadelphia, launched the Committee Person project, intending to win hundreds of seats in the belly of the Party that will enable us to guide it where it needs to go. Happily we can report that, along with still other partners, we have indeed placed several hundred candidates on the May, 15th primary ballot. And we are going to win those seats.

On May 15th we are going to take more steps to move the Party by nominating and re-nominating a class of great principled candidates for state house, state senate and Lt.Governor. Stay tuned soon to learn of our endorsements for those offices.

After May 15th the next stop along the road to progress is that all-important mid-term election. NN will be fully engaged in re-electing our Senator and Governor. And we will also be engaged in helping the Blue tide in the suburbs wash away the reprehensible Republicans who are now dominant in the State House and Senate. There will be canvassing opportunities galore for a raft of great challengers. Look for updates.

While focused on the mid-terms, we also continue to pursue justice in the halls of City Council. In particular, we know that the next few months will be when the question of tax justice will be decided in Philly for years to come. That’s because the Mayor has put forth a plan for funding the schools that will mostly put the burden of raising revenue on the backs of homeowners. Through the Our City Our Schools Coalition of which NN is a part, we hope to put the burden on those who can best afford to pay, big downtown office tower owners, condo developers, and other big businesses. You can see our plan here.

So overall, the news is good because justice is on the march here in Philly. Look for many opportunities to join it in the months ahead.


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