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The Clock is Ticking: Abolish the SRC

On September 14, the School Reform Commission will meet for the first time of this school year. We’ll be there to greet them with a clear message — the time is ticking to vote to abolish the state control of our schools. Last week, after months of talking with the Mayor’s office about why we need the vote for local control this Fall, we were told that Mayor Kenney has no clear timeline at this time to abolish the SRC.

That’s why this Thursday (9/14) at 4:30PM, we need you to join us for the first School Reform Commission meeting of the school year at 440 N Broad. Please sign up to testify here! We are encouraging everyone to sign up to speak to ensure you get access to the meeting and we deliver a strong message — that we are serious about the Fall deadline to abolish the SRC.

For months now, the Our City Our Schools campaign has been demanding the abolishment of the School Reform Commission this Fall and a timeline for how we do it. You can read more about our proposal and what we’ve done so far on our new website here at The next few months are critical in pressuring the SRC Commissioners, Mayor Kenney and Governor Wolf that after over 15 years, this is the moment to regain local control of our schools.

Join us as we kick off the school year by packing the first School Reform Commission meeting of the year this Thursday, September 14th at 4:30PM at 440 N Broad to demand local control of our schools. We encouraging people to bring time-related props — clocks, buzzers, hourglasses and the like — to make it clear that time is running out! You can also invite people to the event on Facebook here.

See you on Thursday,

The Our City Our Schools Campaign

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