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Celebrate the End of the SRC & the Fight for a People’s School Board

After 16 years of state control, the School Reform Commission will vote to abolish itself and bring back local control of our schools. Join us this Thursday, Nov 16, at 3:45 PM outside the School District Building for a rally to celebrate the end of the SRC and then go inside to watch the vote occur — RSVP Here! But we know our work is far from over to get a school board that is made by and for working people. That’s why there is a campaign being launched to push for a true People’s School Board — one that is made up of those who know our schools best, that curbs or ends the privatization of our schools, and that fights for true racial and economic justice. You can sign the pledge to support the People’s School Board here!

Neighborhood Networks has worked with and supported the Our City Our Schools (OCOS) campaign over the past year to abolish the School Reform Commission. After the vote to abolish the SRC occurs, we will head to the OCOS party at St. Stephen’s Green at 1701 Green Street to celebrate our victory and discuss next steps. Join us

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