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Police Town Hall, Early Voting Centers, City Council Series and More…

This coming week we’ve got a lot going on, including the first in our Town Hall series on Reimagining the Police. We’ll also be conducting our third political education workshop on City Council, and offering opportunities to help in the upcoming election by making calls to voters and working at an Early Voting Center. Be sure to sign the petition to Mayor Kenney to make the police contract transparent to we the taxpayers.

Reimagining the Police Town Hall, Sat, Oct 10th

Join us on Saturday, October 10th at 11AM to take part in the first of multiple discussions about re-imagining the role of the police in our neighborhoods. Sign up for this 90 minute Town Hall where we’ll ask tough questions and work together to find some answers.


Tell Mayor Kenney: Open Up the FOP Contract

For too long, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has been able to negotiate in their contract for more resources and less discipline for the Philadelphia Police Department, allowing police officers to perpetuate violence in our communities and even within their ranks. The Philadelphia Police Department needs to change. The existing FOP contract is set to expire at the end of the year. There is a campaign to request that Mayor Kenney renegotiate the FOP contract in a way that promotes transparency and police accountability.


City Council Political Education Workshop, Oct 8th

On Thursday, Oct 8th at 6PM, we hold our third workshop in our political education series on City Council called, “How to Read City Council Legislation”. These sessions are part of a ten part online workshop series that will help folks become better informed about the functions of our local government.

To get more information on this series of workshops on Philadelphia City Council, click here. The workshops are interactive and informative and it’s not too late to register.


Sign Up Now for a Phone Bank!

This election isn’t going to win itself. We need to do our part to protect our democracy. We are doing this by conducting phone banks every Wednesday at 1PM, Thursdays at 10AM and 6PM and Saturday at 1PM. We are tasked with reaching out to 81,000 voters in NW Philly to remind them how important their vote is in this election.

If you haven’t yet signed up for a phone bank, you should really try the new ThruTalk auto-dialer tool. It makes the calls for you; all you have to do is log onto your computer and wait for the beep.


Want to Help at an Early Voting Center?

Read about the Early Voting Centers that are now open, with more to follow shortly. You can register to vote, get a mail-in ballot and vote, or drop off your completed mail-in ballot.

Philly Neighborhood Networks is part of a coalition that will be working in and around the City’s Early Voting Centers – working tables, driving voters and doing literature drops in the neighborhoods surrounding the EVCs to let folks know they can vote early to avoid long lines on Election Day. These sites will be open seven hours per day, seven days a week, and we’ll need to fill shifts to have coverage for all of this time. If you’d like to take part in this work, please sign up and we’ll reach out to you in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Project Organizer


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