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PNN Newsletter: Last Primary Canvasses, Violence & Racism Discussion, More

PNN’s mission is to engage, educate and empower our neighbors to make our City a better place to live. Here’s what’s coming up in each of these areas:

  • Engage: Canvass Opportunities for Primary

  • Educate: Racism & Violence Discussion

  • Empower: Budget Hearing, Tell H'burg to Support Public School Kids

Canvassing Opportunities for the Primary Election

As the PA Primary election is just around the corner, here are some canvassing opportunities:

Final Sunday Canvass at Lovett Library, April 21st, 11 AM  - PNN will be buddy canvassing with our friends from the Ward 22 Open Caucus to target certain divisions in Mt. Airy. We will be canvassing for our diverse slate of endorsed candidates which include important state wide offices such as Attorney General, Auditor General, and Treasurer.

April 20th Canvassing for Cass Green - Cass is in a very competitive race for PA House District 10 located in West Philly.   Come out for a few hours to canvass her district, so that PA 10 can get the progressive legislator that they deserve!


2024 Primary Election Endorsements & Mail-In Ballots

As you prepare your mail-in-ballots, and get ready to vote in person on Tuesday, April 23, please consider PNN’s endorsed candidates and the  reasons for our endorsement. It’s too late to apply for a mail-in ballot, but you can still vote in person. Find your polling place here.

Important Info for Voting by Mail:  Your completed ballot must be received (not postmarked) by April 23, at 8 PM.

Drop boxes available at City Hall, Room 142 (1400 JFK Blvd), Dorothy Emmanuel Rec Center (8500 Pickering Street), and Pleasant Playground (6757 Chew St). Find other drop box locations here.


Council Budget Hearing: Let's Fill the Room!

Wednesday, April 24th, 1:30PM-4PM, City Hall, 4th Floor

City Hall is currently deciding on the city's budget. As you know, a budget is a moral document and it needs to reflect the priorities of our communities, families, and all Philadelphians.

So join PNN and our allies on April 24 from 1:30-4pm to pack City Council chambers and call for a People's Budget. We need our elected officials to make a choice: will they invest in our demands for the common good of all Philadelphians?

This is the first time budget public testimony will be in person in years. With a new Council and Mayor, join us to fill Council Chambers to the rafters and make our voices heard! Click the link below to let us know you'll be in attendance.

If you would like to be part of the team that will present public testimony in this hearing, then click the link below and check the box. If you want it, we'll help get you ready to testify.


Tell State House to Vote "YES" on HB 2063

We believe that every child in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is entitled to a quality education.

HB 2063 guarantees that at least 90% of taxpayer contributions will fund actual scholarships for PA students who live at less than 200% of the Federal Poverty level. We must ensure that taxpayer-funded scholarships are properly allocated and well accounted for.

Show your state representatives how much education matters to you, tell them to


Racism & Violence: A Community Discussion

Saturday, May 4th, 9:30AM-2PM, 8501 Stenton Ave,

You are invited to an honest, respectful discussion of the question, "What role does racism play in the culture of violence in our country?"

This event is sponsored by the Philadelphia Chapter of []. Coming to the Table where attendees will come together for truth-telling, dialogue, building relationships, healing, and taking action to dismantle inequitable systems and structures based on “race.”

The Keynote Speaker is the Rev. Gregory Holston, the Senior Advisor on Advocacy and Policy for the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office (DAO). Lunch is provided. Saturday, May 4th, from 9:30-2:00 (registration begins at 9:00), Oxford Presbyterian Church, 8501 Stenton Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19150. Reservations appreciated but not required and all are welcome. for more information.


This Week in History

April 19, 1775 – Shot Heard Round the World. The American Revolution begins in Lexington, MA when an anonymous colonial minuteman fires upon British troops who were sent to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock.

April 20, 1971 – Bussing Declared Constitutional. In Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, SCOTUS settled the constitutional question and allowed the widespread implementation of busing, which remained controversial over the next decade.

April 22, 1970 – First Earth Day. Founded by American politician and conservationist Gaylord Anton Nelson, Earth Day helped spark the environmental movement and quickly grew into an international event.

April 24, 1800 – Library of Congress. The Library of Congress was officially founded as U.S. President John Adams approved the $5,000 appropriated to acquire “such books as may be necessary for the use of congress”; it eventually became the largest library in the world.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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