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PNN Newsletter: Vote on Mayoral Survey, Last Days for Toy Drive, Save Child Tax Credit, Join Social

PNN’s mission is to engage, educate and empower our neighbors to make our City a better place to live. Here’s what’s coming up in each of these areas:

  • Engage: Cast Your Vote in Mayoral Endorsement Survey

  • Educate: Join our Social Media Team

  • Empower: Donate to Holiday Toy Drive, Sign Petitions

Read on to find out the when, where, and how.

Vote in PNN's Mayoral Endorsement Survey

Only Two Days Left to Cast Your Vote

Due to her steadfast commitment to a people-centered agenda, the PNN Steering Committee unanimously voted to recommend an early endorsement of Helen Gym for Mayor. She is aligned with our values and has been a steadfast ally in the fight for justice.

And now it is your turn to weigh in. We thank all those members who have already voted. But we want to hear from more folks. To cast your vote on whether to endorse Helen or someone else, you must be a dues-paying member, which means you made a financial contribution to PNN in any amount in the last year.

If you have not already done so, you can click here to donate now to become a dues-paying member eligible to vote on endorsements. If you are a member, vote by midnight, Dec 18:

Why We Recommend Helen Gym: Everyone knows the Mayoral race is crowded but there is one candidate that stands above the rest as the clear progressive– Helen Gym. Helen is a long-time community organizer and two term City Council member who has been effective in passing legislation to improve our public schools, establish fair work week standards, create the Eviction Diversion program, stop city contracts to agencies with a history of abuse of children, reform the tax abatement system and allow for safe abortions in the city of Philadelphia.

Helen is recognized as a trailblazer across the country and also knows how to get things done. She has the message that will work for her and all of us. We look forward to your vote.


Holiday Toy Drive

Donations Until December 21st

We still have a few more days to collect toys before they get distributed to kids who have an incarcerated parent. If you'd like to provide toys or clothes (pajamas, socks, coats) to children 0-13 years of age this Christmas, then please be sure to drop them off at one of the following locations by Dec 21st:

  • Chill ‘N Cheers, 5835 Rising Sun Av (Every Day 12PM-10PM)

  • The People's Baptist Church, 5039 Baltimore Av

  • Lawncrest Rec. Center, 6000 Rising Sun Av (All Days, 1PM-8PM)

  • Truth Baptist Church, 4666 North 15th St (Tues 8:30-9:30AM)

  • Mother Zoar African UMC, 3259 North Broad St (Sun 10AM-1PM, Mon 10AM-3PM, Thur 12PM-3PM, call ahead to 215-225-2827)

If you have questions, please reach out to


Push Congress to Pass Crucial Legislation

We have just a matter of weeks to pass critical legislation before Republicans take control of the U.S. House of Representatives. There is essential unfinished business to handle before we turn over this chamber of Congress.

Expand the Child Tax Credit

The 2021 expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) was an overwhelming success! By making it fully refundable (which made it available to the most impoverished families), raising the amount, and paying it out monthly, the expanded CTC resulted in the largest-ever decline in child poverty in a single year. Child poverty fell to 5.2%, the lowest rate on record.

But Congress failed to make that expansion permanent, and added work requirements, driving 3.7 million children back into poverty. One impact - hunger: food insufficiency increased by 25% after the first missed CTC payment in 2022.

Pass the Electoral Reform Act

We need to pass the Electoral Count Reform Act. Our friends at Public Citizen have provided us a way to reach our MOCs in a coordinated way, by signing a petition.

Tell Congress: "The bipartisan Electoral Count Reform Act would update allegedly ambiguous provisions of 19th-century laws with clear procedures that maintain appropriate state and federal roles in selecting the president and vice president of the United States as set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Pass the Electoral Reform Act now!"


Want to Join Our Social Media Team?

We're looking for savvy volunteers who are good with videos and photos to capture the work that we do as an organization - our Action Committees, our events in the field, and our canvassers at doors. This will be used as part of our social media outreach and promotion efforts throughout the year on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. You'll be given a brief training and guidelines on how to record the materials for best effect.

If you are interested or have questions, please reach out to


This Week in History

Dec 17, 1903 – First Flight. On this day, Orville Wright piloted the first successful airplane flight in Kitty Hawk, NC. While lasting only 12 seconds and 120 feet, this pivotal moment led the way for air travel as we know it today.

Dec 18, 1991 – GM Closes Plants in US. Demonstrating that what's good for GM is not good for America, General Motors announced it would shuttered 21 plants in the US, putting 74,000 Americans out of work.

Dec 23, 1783 – Washington Retires. In a seminal moment in our nation's history, General George Washington stepped down as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and retired to his farm in Virginia, assuring that our nation would be in the hands of a civilian government.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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