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PNN Newsletter: Saval Talks Whole Home Repair, Take Our Survey, Canvass in the Suburbs, more

PNN’s mission is to engage, educate and empower our neighbors to make our City a better place to live. Here’s what’s coming up in each of these areas:

  • Engage: Take Our Summer Survey: "I Look at the World" Exhibit

  • Educate: Catch Nikil Saval on his Successful Whole Home Repair Bill

  • Empower: Knock Doors with Our Blue Pennsylvania Team

Read on to find out the when, where, and how.

Sunday's "Tax the Ultra-Rich" Rally Postponed

Due to excessive heat warnings throughout the weekend, the "Tax the Ultra-Rich Now!" festival that was scheduled for Sunday, July 24 has been postponed. Planners will announce a new date shortly and thank you for your patience.


Nikil Saval on Getting Whole Housing Passed

Friday, 3PM, Germantown Community Radio, 92.5 FM

State Senator Nikil Saval has done the unimaginable - he got a housing bill that benefits Philadelphians through a Republican-controlled legislature and actually got it funded!

Tune into PNN's "Talking in the Neighborhood" on 92.9 FM today at 3 PM to listen as Housing Action Committee Chair Gail Loney invites State Senator Nikil Saval to talk about the passage of his Whole Home Repair bill.

During an extensive Q&A, Senator Saval explains the significant relief this legislation will provide to low income families who want to remain in their homes. You can also watch the meeting as it happened below on our YouTube channel.


Take Our Summer Survey

Sign Up to Canvass or Join an Action Committee

Take our survey and tell us what issues you're working on now. We have plenty of opportunities to stay involved in City politics this summer - from joining one of our Action Committees on Education, the Environment, Healthcare, Housing and Justice - or helping us canvass our neighbors early to get them to apply for a mail-in ballot (so we don't have to remind them again until the ballots are mailed).

Of course, we all know the link between electing progressives to office and getting what we want on issues, so we hope you're ready to do a little of both. Please fill out our Summer Survey below:


Blue Pennsylvania Canvass Opportunities

Join us and our partners to canvass outside Philly for progressive candidates in neighboring Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

  • Wednesdays in Horsham: Wednesdays from 4-6 for Melissa Cerrato for State Rep. SIGN UP HERE. If you would like to carpool from High Point Allen Lane, please also email

  • Friday, July 22 at 3:30 PM. 7001 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19119: Join us for a canvass in Mount Airy to talk with your neighbors about electing Democrats up and down the ballot in 2022. SIGN UP HERE.

  • Saturday, July 23 at 1:00 PM. Overbrook Presbyterian Church 6376 City Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19151: Join us for a canvass in West Philly to talk with your neighbors about electing Democrats up and down the ballot in 2022. SIGN UP HERE.


Guess Who Turned 50?

Friday, July 29th, 7-11PM, 699 North Broad St.


oin friends as Councilmember Kendra Brooks celebrates her birthday with a 50th Golden Garden Party celebration fundraiser on Friday, July 29, 2022 from 7PM -11PM at the Divine Lorraine Hotel. Attire is dressy. Click here for details.


Political Art: "I Look at the World" Exhibit Opening

Wednesday, July 27th, DaVinci Art Alliance, 704 Catherine St, 4-7PM

You are invited to the opening of a photograph exhibition by Issac Scott and Ada Trillo documenting two important events in the summer of 2020. The Black Lives Matter Protests in Philadelphia (Isaac Scott) and the migrant caravans traveling across Central America to reach the US border (Ada Trillo). The exhibit will run through August 17th. Click here for details.


Free Stuff

Get Boosted Yet?

For the latest information, on COVID, including where to get a free vaccine or booster shot. You can also find other great City Services available to you or a loved one.

Free Food

Do you know anyone who needs food help? There are hundreds of new student meal sites distributing free, healthy food to children and youth all summer long! Families and older adults can also find free food. No ID or proof of income is required.


This Week in History

July 24, 1903 – "Wail of the Children". On this day, labor organizer Mary Harris "Mother" Jones delivered a speech in support of the 10,000 children who were on strike from working under horrible conditions in mills in the Kensington section of our City.

July 26, 1775 – USPS Established. The postal system was established by the Second Continental Congress, with Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster general. It has been an institution that has helped minority workers become members of the middle class and a fundamental national institution.

July 27, 1974 – Nixon Impeachment Begins. Due to a series of political scandals that became known as Watergate, the House Judiciary Committee recommended that President Richard Nixon be impeached and removed from office.

July 28, 1932 – The "Bonus Army" Rally. On this day, 15,000 WWI veterans from across the nation arrived in Washington to demand the bonuses promised to them by the US government. Hoover sicced the army on them.

July 29, 1970 – UFW Gets Contract. Under the leadership of Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chaves, the United Farm Workers ended a five-year strike and boycott as grape growers signed their first union contracts, granting workers better pay, benefits, and protections.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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