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PNN Newsletter: Join Our Summer Soiree, Sign Up to Canvass, Stop Killing Us Rally, More

PNN’s mission is to engage, educate and empower our neighbors to make our City a better place to live. Here’s what’s coming up in each of these areas:

  • Engage: Join Our Summer Soiree; Sign Up to Canvass in Philly

  • Educate: Read Why Solitary Confinement Must End

  • Empower: Knock Doors in the Burbs; Stop Killing Us Rally & March

Read on to find out the when, where, and how.

Come to Our Outdoor Summer Soiree

Sunday, August 28th, 4-6PM, 1905 Wynnewood Rd

Philly Neighborhood Networks cordially invites you to a lawn party at the home of our organizing director, Tim Brown for a fundraiser to Fight the Right In the 2022 General Election.

If the Republican cult wins in November, they can manipulate the state Constitution, throw up roadblocks to vote, and put insurrectionists in charge of counting the votes. It will be game over and Trump or one of his cronies will rule over a fascist America and every civil right we have will be gone.

Then the far right made a Big Blunder. The recent SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe has caused a firestorm among women and their allies that even showed itself in red state Kansas where people came out to vote overwhelmingly for reproductive rights.

Here's why you should come to our Summer Soiree:

  • Come for the Insights. Hear from our progressive elected allies, like District Attorney Larry Krasner and Councilmember Kendra Brooks. Learn how we can keep the Governorship, take back the Senate and win the PA House!

  • Come for the Good Company. Catch up with some old friends and make some new ones, try Tim's sangria, and take part in our first PNN Beanbag Toss Championship! (There will be awards and bragging rights)

  • Come to Support a Good Cause. For 17 years PNN has been a steady and reliable force for progress; a place to think through and act upon our values; a political and cultural home for progressive activists. And we’re growing our base, reaching out to new neighborhoods, like the River Wards, North Central, Roxborough and Overbrook.

Please click below to join us for our Summer Soiree lawn party fundraiser on Sunday, August 28th from 4-6 PM.

Prefer to donate by check? Then send an email to Tim Brown to let us know you're coming and send your check to Gloria Gilman, 121 S. Broad St, Suite 1720, Phila, PA 19107


Why Solitary Confinement Must End

Opinion, John Thompson, PNN Steering Committee Member

During the 37 years that I was incarcerated, I quickly and continuously learned that the prison system prioritizes arbitrary control over humanity.

One day, I found my friend laying on a staircase with severe stomach pain. Although he had been vomiting and could not walk, the guards denied him access to the medical unit. In protest, I refused to go back to my cell, ignoring a guard’s order, until my friend received medical attention.

Due to the commotion I caused, the staff finally agreed to examine him, and he was almost immediately sent off to the emergency room. While my friend was getting a lifesaving colon surgery, I was handcuffed and moved to solitary confinement, charged with disrupting the order of the prison.


Stop Killing Us Rally & March

Wednesday, August 17th, 12PM, 4200 Whittaker Ave.

Join us as we support our allies for the 6th annual "Stop Killing Us Rally & March" that will take place at 4200 Whittaker Ave in the Feltonville section of the City. The rally kicks off a 21-day, 140 mile march from Philly to Washington, D.C. to call attention to the alarming number of gun deaths in our City and other big cities across the nation. Upon arrival in D.C., activists will visit members of the Congressional Black Caucus to demand resources to combat gun violence.


Blue Pennsylvania Canvass Opportunities This Week

Join us and our partners to canvass outside Philly for progressive candidates in neighboring Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

  • Saturday, August 13 Ann Marie Mitchell for Senate and Laurie Smith for State Rep in Bucks County at 10 AM: SIGN UP HERE. Please email Andrea to carpool.

  • Sunday, August 14 Joint Canvass for State Rep Jenn O’Mara and Lisa Borowski for State Rep in Delaware County at 11 AM: SIGN UP HERE. Please email Andrea to carpool.


Sign Up for Our Canvass Kickoff in Philly

Saturday, September 17th, 10AM, The Studio, 5535 Lena St.

We will kick off our Election Work at the Studio located at 5535 Lena Street in Germantown. We will meet with some of our favorite elected officials and remind ourselves what's at stake and how we'll convey the urgency of our message to our neighbors when we meet them at the doors.

Take a look at your schedule and let us know how often you can join us at what will be our regular Saturday Morning Canvass.


March & Rally Against Corruption

Friday, September 9th, York, PA - Monday, September 12th, Harrisburg

Join our allies March on Harrisburg as they take to the road in York, PA for a three-day march to our state Capitol Building to hold our legislators accountable. We're giving them no choice but to publicly show what side they're on: the side of the corporate interests and lobbyists, or the side of Pennsylvanians who are sick and tired of our legislature's blatant corruption and legal bribery. If you'd like to participate, click below.


This Week in History

Aug 14, 1935 – Social Security Act. Calling it a "patriotic" action, FDR signed this historic bill, which guaranteed an income for the unemployed and retirees. Social Security has since become one of the bedrock programs of our nation.

Aug 15, 1969 – Woodstock. On this day, 400,000 descended upon Max Yasgur's farm in NY to take part in America's most famous counterculture music festival. It featured icons like Bob Dylan, Santana, Joan Baez, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and CSNY who were performing only their second gig together.

Aug. 17, 1985 – Hormel Strike. Following wage cuts and serious injuries, workers at the Hormel plant in MN began a one year strike to win safer working conditions and higher pay.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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