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Now is the Time...

This is it. The re-election of America's most progressive District Attorney is on the line as the FOP pulls out all stops to punish Larry Krasner for daring to hold them to account. That includes misinformation and outright lies, it includes attempts at intimidation, dis-inviting Larry from official meetings, and even the morally-questionable tactic of encouraging Republicans to register as Democrats to take out Larry in a notoriously low-turnout primary election.

Wow. There seems to be nothing the GOP, er, FOP won't do to get payback against the guy who is doing his level best to represent the people of this City instead of the Good Old Boys.

Think about what happens if Carlos Vega takes over - a return to high bails for minor offenses, questionable arrests that put innocent people "in the system" - all led by a man who wanted to re-try someone who DNA evidence exonerated. We can't go back to what amounts to criminal behavior by the office that is supposed to represent justice.

Make no mistake, this promises to be a close race. And that is why it is so important to remind progressive neighbors who might otherwise stay home that they must go to the polls and cast their vote for Larry Krasner.

So, I'm asking you to stand up for justice and take part in re-electing Larry Krasner as our District Attorney. You'll be taking an active part in making sure that bullies and liars are kept in check in our City. Then you can brag to your friends and tick off your right-wing relatives!

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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