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Latest Vaccine Info, Krasner Fundraiser & Recruiting for Our Election Work, People’s Budg

We have a busy two weeks ahead of us, starting with Saturday’s book launch for Susan Windle’s “Through the Gates…”. On Tuesday join our fundraiser for Larry Krasner. We’ll offer you the opportunity to make a big difference in this election with only a little work on your part; find out how and sign up. You can join us at Love Park for a People’s Budget Rally. We also provide the latest information on the COVID-19 vaccine. And be sure to sign up for one of our Action Committee meetings.

Will You Walk a Mile for Larry?

The stakes are high in this Primary Election held on Tuesday, May 18th – we can re-elect Larry Krasner and continue to improve the office of District Attorney in our City or we can let the good old boys steal it back with a misinformation campaign designed to confuse people as to the real reason for a spike in gun violence and crime.

Here’s the truth:

  1. Crime is Up in Major Cities Across the Country, due to Economic Distress and COVID.

  2. Krasner has a High Conviction Rate in homicides and serous gun violence cases.

  3. Krasner helped create Victim Support Programs and promoted safety by going after illegal guns.

The problem isn’t Larry, it’s a broken system that the power brokers don’t want fixed. But, we know that a juicy lie travels more quickly than boring truth, so we need to get the message out to the folks who delivered the vote for Larry Krasner in 2017. To be clear, Larry’s path to victory runs right through our footprint.

You can make a big impact in this low-turnout election by distributing a flyer to the doors of your neighbors in the few blocks around your home. If we all take an afternoon to do this work we can, together, win this election. Let’s not sit home while the other side organizes.


Krasner/PNN Joint-Fundraiser, April 13th @ 7PM

Come and hear Larry Krasner talk about his accomplishments in his first four years and his priorities for his next term. We’ll also hear from returning citizens and others who have been directly impacted by the criminal law system.

You might wonder: Why is this a joint fundraiser?

This will be a tough race for Larry as the Democratic Party, like last time, is not endorsing him, and the FOP and their allies are going all out to defeat him. Part of your donation will go towards offsetting the cost of the Krasner campaign throughout the City.

And part of your donation will go towards funding our independent work in NW Philly – the printing of thousands of flyers in support of Larry and a slate of progressive judges.

And don’t forget that two Ballot Measures were designed by state GOP leaders to strip power from Governor Wolf. We intend to work hard to get out the word that this election is key if we want to hold onto our progressive gains.


People’s Budget Kick-Off, April 15th, 3-7PM, Love Park

Join us on Thursday, April 15th from 3-7PM at Love Park for the People’s Budget Kick-Off. That morning, Mayor Kenney will present his budget for the upcoming year to City Council. Later that day, our movement will kick off a three-month campaign to demand the kind of budget that Philly deserves. We’ll hear from speakers, do some dancing, and prepare to take action for a jam-packed budget season. We believe that budgets are moral documents – they should reflect what our citizens care about – community over inflated police budgets; resisting cuts to city services and instead requiring that the rich pay their fair share; funding rec centers, schools, libraries, after-school programs, the arts, mental health services, affordable housing, clean streets and more.

And this year the stakes are even higher, as the City will receive $1 billion in stimulus funding from the federal government. We have a chance to invest in the neighborhoods we deserve. Come join us to send our message to City Hall.


Need Information on COVID-19 & Vaccinations?

The Healthcare Action Committee offers the following links to help you get the information you need about COVID-19 for you and your loved ones to stay safe:

Here’s more information:


Reminder: Book Launch on Saturday, April 10th @ 4PM

PNN Steering Committee member and poet Susan Windle will be officially launching her book Through the Gates: The Second Omer Journey. In the new book Susan walks through her life in Northwest Philadelphia in the year 2017. PNN played an important role in Susan’s life that year, as it does now, and this work shows up in the pages, along with some of the poems Susan has offered at PNN events.

So, join us tomorrow, April 10 at 4 PM, as Susan honors Philly Neighborhood Networks in her on-line book launch event. Please let us know you’ll be in attendance by registering here.


Join an Action Committee or Working Group

Committees meet to discuss the broad range of issues we should work on within a variety of categories, and our Working Groups develop specific campaigns to take on and develop plans. Take this opportunity to join any of our Action Committees and Working Groups as we begin to decide our work for the year.

Here are our scheduled meetings:

:: Waste Working Group Meeting, Sat, April 11th, 4:30PM

Join the Waste Group if you are concerned with waste issues in Philadelphia. We will begin planning a waste-focused forum and a plastic packaging boycott. Get the Link

:: Public Health & Environment Working Group, Mon, April 12th, 7PM

We’ll be planning to support the Environmental Justice Earth Day Action in Germantown at both Fernhill Park and the SEPTA Gas plant, working with allies Neighbors Against the Gas Plant and Toxic Free Philly. Get the Link

:: Economic Justice Action Committee, Thurs, April 15th, 7PM

Right now we’re working on the Public Banking campaign, as well as on creating a progressive revenue stream for the City, so that rich corporations like Comcast and the super-wealthy pay their fair share. Join us as we continue our discussion and hone in on actions we can take. Get the Link

:: Energy Working Group Meeting, Sat, April 24th, 4PM

We will evaluate our Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) call to action. Get the Link

Or access by phone at 1-929- 205-6099, Meeting ID 819 5416 6731. If you can’t get through text 917 822 -9445 and include your email to receive the correct link or a direct invitation into the meeting.

:: Environmental Outreach Working Group, TBD (late April)

Come join our discussion of how to educate and involve the public in transitioning to clean energy and living sustainably. We will be arranging information tables at events, developing handouts, educational programs, and more! Get the Link

Or access by phone at 1-929-205-6099, then type in Meeting ID 126 317 244. If you can’t get through call/text 267-315-0579.

Isn’t it Time You Joined an Action Committee?

Join an Action Committee for Economic Justice, Education, the Environment, Healthcare, Housing and Electoral Politics. To get started, email


This Week in History

April 9, 1865 – Surrender at Appomattox. Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered on this day to Ulysses Grant, thus ending the four-year insurrection by the southern states that resulted in the deaths of more than 600,000.

April 14, 1865 – Lincoln Assassinated. In response to the Confederate surrender, President Abraham Lincoln was ambushed and murdered while attending a play in Ford’s Theatre in D.C.

April 15, 1947 – Baseball Barrier Broken. On this day, 28 year old Jackie Robinson stepped onto Ebbets Field and broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier. In his storied career, Number 42 was an All Star, an MVP and he led the Dodgers to a World Series championship.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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