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It’s Important to Vote in the Primary Election

On Saturday, April 25th at 3 PM, Philly Neighborhood Networks will be holding its second Zoom Town Hall, this time on the question: “What’s So Important about Voting in the Spring Primary?” Talk with City Commissioner Lisa Deeley on the Latest on Vote-by-Mail, then chat with Endorsed Candidates Nina Ahmad and Supreme Dow and a Special Guest!

Everyone reading this knows how important the election is in November. But now that the Presidential Primary is over, it’s not as obvious why it’s so important to vote in the June 2nd primary as well. We will explore answers to that question in our next Virtual Town Hall.

But first, we’ll hear from City Commissioner Lisa Deeley. She will have an update for us on how the voting process is looking barely five weeks before election day, as well as the City’s efforts to get a mail-in ballot to everyone who wants one. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions.

Then a Special Guest from CADBI (Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration) will join us to talk about voting rights for returning citizens and resources available in NW Philly.

Next, we’ll get the answer to why it is important to vote in this Primary Election. The answer is because we have two really great candidates who are running for “down ballot” races to get on the ticket in November as Democratic candidates. Philly Neighborhood Networks is supporting Nina Ahmad for Auditor General, and Supreme Dow for State Representative in the 198th Legislative District. You’ll hear from both of them and have an opportunity to ask them questions in our Town Hall.

Virtual Training Workshop

Finally, we all need to figure out how best to reach out voters ho are not yet engaged in this election cycle on how and why they should vote. So, we will provide a training workshop to teach you how to have effective conversations with voters, as well as how to use the tools that will be most effective in our new organizing world – virtual phone banks and texting tools. Come ready to learn!

About Our Candidates

Nina Ahmad: Nina sees the Auditor General’s office as a powerful tool for progressive change and is running to deliver real results in the fight for equality, accountability and transparency. The Auditor General not only conducts financial audits of programs receiving state funds, but also conducts performance audits to assess whether the programs effectively and efficiently promote the intended public policy. A Northwest Philly resident, Nina intends to use the powers of this office to shine the light on Big Pharma and make them lower costs on life saving medicines, protect and increase education funding to make sure our students have the best education in safe and healthy environments, and fight the NRA, by giving lawmakers the data they need to pass tough new gun laws. Come and hear about Nina’s priorities and how she will impact Pa as the next Auditor General.

Supreme Dow: Because of his life-long work and commitment to social justice, his accomplishments, his knowledge and skills, Supreme Dow will be a powerful voice for progress as state representative in the 198th legislative District. Living his entire life in Germantown, he has over 30 years experience serving his community in the non-profit, education, and arts and cultural sectors. As a public school advocate, he organized for educational equity. As the founder, executive director, and curator of the Black Writers Museum, he was a trailblazer promoting minority recognition and empowerment in Philadelphia. His three highest priorities as a legislator will be saving public education from privatization, increasing the minimum wage to at least $15/hr, and stemming the gun violence epidemic. Supreme Dow will hit the ground running in Harrisburg, ready to lead the charge for transformation of our state into an engine of justice.


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