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Get Out the Vote for Philly NN’s Endorsed Candidates

Philly Neighborhood Networks has endorsed an outstanding group of candidates that have the skills, experience, and vision to reshape city government and change how politics is done for years to come. The Philly NN Campaign, located at 5736 Greene St, Philadelphia 19144, is open and ready to help us elect this great slate of progressive candidates. Our office is open for canvassing every weekend and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

SIGN UP TO CANVASS HERE — We Have Many Days and Times Available

If you want to phone bank, we have some dates and times available. Just contact Nate Holt and he will give you the dates, times and locations.

WE NEED YOU – We can make a difference in this election. Volunteer Now.

HERE ARE OUR ENDORSED CANDIDATES CITY COUNCIL AT-LARGE ENDORSEMENTS • Re-Elect Helen Gym — Ballot # 56 • Elect Erika Almirón — Ballot # 68 • Re-Elect Derek Green — Ballot # 78 • Elect Justin DiBerardinis — Ballot # 80

CITY COMMISSIONERS (who oversee the election process) • Kahlil Williams, Ballot # 40 • Jen Devor, Ballot # 45


  1. Amanda Green-Hawkins, Ballot # 3


  1. Jennifer Schultz, Ballot # 4

  2. Anthony Kyriakakis, Ballot # 19

  3. Chris Hall, Ballot # 20

  4. Tiffany Palmer, Ballot # 23

  5. Kay Yu, Ballot # 27


  1. David Conroy, Ballot # 29



These standout candidates are recommended based on a thorough review of their backgrounds, records, and positions on important judicial issues, and their overall compatibility with the progressive values of Philly Neighborhood Networks and other justice-seeking organizations.

Superior Court

Amanda Green-Hawkins (Ballot #3)was a union rights lawyer with the United Steelworkers and will bring to the court a much needed diversity and an awareness of issues that affect working people. She has experience as a litigator for 7 years in many forums.

Common Pleas Court

Jennifer Shultz (ballot #4) has worked at Community Legal Services since 2007 representing low income persons in consumer and home ownership cases. As a judge, she will work to improve access to the justice system and bring a public interest orientation to the bench.

Chris Hall (ballot #20) is a very experienced on both sides of criminal law and is highly recommended by the Philadelphia Bar Association and District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Anthony Kyriakakis (ballot #19) is an experienced trial attorney who is committed to judicial reform that will make the court more accessible and fair to all. He also teaches at Penn and Temple law schools on race and demographics, and was part of Obama’s clemency project. He is highly recommended by the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Tiffany Palmer (ballot #23) is a nationally acclaimed family law attorney and director of the Family Law Institute of the National LGBT Bar Association. With twenty years of trial and appellate experience, she is highly recommended by the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Kay Yu (ballot t#27) has fought for civil rights, stronger communities, and equal opportunity. As a child, Kay’s family faced the threat of deportation. Years later, Kay argued her own case for citizenship. She will be the first Korean judge in Pennsylvania.

Municipal Court

David Conroy (ballot #29) is highly recommended by the Philadelphia Bar Association and is very experienced in small claims matters that come before this court. He supports judicial reforms such as better procedures for unrepresented people and the use of diversionary programs


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