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Get Out the Vote

Election is 60 Days Away: Sign Up for a Shift on the Phones

We are 60 days away from Election Day and our need to reach out to our neighbors to get their commitment to vote continues to mount. We must win this election in a big way, so that you-know-who’s cries of “fraud” are buried under a mountain of ballots.

Our task is to reach out to 81,000 reluctant voters in NW Philly to get their commitment to vote, preferably by mail. Right now, we have called 21,000 of those voters, and we need your help to reach the rest. So sign up to take a shift on the phones talking with your neighbors about why this election is so important.


Want to be a Poll Worker?

We rely on poll workers to help run our elections. Many folks who have been poll workers in past elections are older and more susceptible to sickness, so they are rightly concerned about their health while working at the polls. With fewer poll workers available, that means fewer polling places open on Election Day.

If you would like to become a poll worker in Philadelphia, sign up at the link below. You’ll get training, you’ll earn up to $250 ($50 for training and $200 on Election Day) and you’ll be doing your part to protect our democracy.


Are You Registered? Need a Mail-In Ballot?

The last day to register to vote in November is October 19th. Don’t miss this election!

Check your registration status here: REGISTRATION STATUS

If you need to register, do it here: REGISTER TO VOTE

Want a Mail-In Ballot? Do it here: GET YOUR MAIL-IN BALLOT

Track the Status of Your Mail-In Ballot: MAIL-IN BALLOT STATUS



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