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When we Organize, We Win!

Well, isn’t winning nice! Philly Neighborhood Networks endorsed candidates Chris Rabb, Art Haywood, Joe Hohenstein, Malcolm Kenyatta and Liz Fiedler, all won their races for PA legislative seats yesterday and that is truly sweet. We are one step closer to a more progressive state legislature. In addition, and in the long run equally significant, almost 200 candidates for Committee Person supported by NN and its partner Reclaim Philadelphia won as well, a giant first step toward revitalizing the Philly Democratic Party. Congrats to all these great and victorious candidates, and to all of you who pitched in to make these results happen!

And now our attention turns to the Fall and the incredibly important mid-term election that happens then. Governor Wolf and Senator Casey must be retained against the far-right opponents that have been nominated to take them down by the Trumplicans. Our chance to turn the Legislature blue will also be on the ballot. NN will be involved in these races and with your continued engagement in our work, we know we will be celebrating again in November.


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