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What a fabulous victory we won together with Larry Krasner in May 2017 Primary

Just six months after the devastating loss to Trump, Philly has roared back and sent a message that will be rocking all the way to Washington. We’re not sitting back and letting the Republican Party rob us of everything that got started in this town 220 years ago. And more than that, we’re going to build on that legacy and make Philadelphia the leading City in the fight to make the criminal system truly just.

Here’s a shout out to our many volunteers.  You rolled up your sleeves, pounded some pavement, called your neighbors and spent time at the polls in Northwest Philly.  As the numbers roll in, we can see that together, we accomplished a lot. Here’s our current count:

  1. 3,613 door knocks

  2. 801 conversations

  3. 478 voters to commit to vote for Krasner

  4. 7,500 GOTV Flyers & Election Day lit distributed

  5. 32 volunteers at polling locations on E Day

Together with other progressive groups, Neighborhood Networks helped Krasner win a resounding victory with 38% of the vote with his closest competitor at 20%. Great work everyone to make this great victory possible!

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