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The Moment to Canvass Your Neighbors For the Wolf-Casey Team is Now!

With less than four weeks left until the election, Philly Neighborhood Networks is in full swing recruiting and deploying volunteers throughout Northwest Philadelphia to bring our neighbors out to vote. We are targeting low frequency voters to both increase turnout this year and set the stage for even bigger increases in future elections. Our goal is to re-elect Wolf and Casey this year, throw out Trump and Toomey as soon as we get the chance.

Although polls are promising in this cycle, we cannot let complacency set in. We saw that happen in 2016 and, as we know, the result was awful. If you haven’t pitched in yet, the time is now. We will be launching several canvasses in Northwest Philly from our office at 5535 Lena Street now until Election Day.

Here’s our schedule – one of these dates is bound to fit your schedule:

Sunday, October 14th, 2-5

Saturday, October 20th, 10-1

Monday, October 22nd, 4-7

Saturday, October 27th, 2-5

In addition, we will be running canvasses out of the office throughout the extended final weekend of Thursday, November 1st through Election Day, November 6th. And we’ll be running some phone banks as we get closer to the election.

Please sign up for one or more shifts by clicking this link. We will place you in or near your own division (the area around your polling place) so you can talk to your neighbors. Many of them haven’t had a chance to think about the election and don’t know what to do. They will appreciate your helping them!


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