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Super-Important Primary – What You Need to Know

The big “off-year” primary is right in front of us, this Tuesday, with the polls open from 7 AM to 8 PM.  Neighborhood Networks has endorsed a fabulous group of progressive candidates for Lt. Governor and for state legislative seats across the City. Many of them are being fought tooth and nail by the Democratic machine. In November we’re going to unite across the Party to turn PA Blue, but we want to do so with the best candidates. So it’s critically important that you vote on Tuesday to be sure Democrats put their most progressive foot forward in the Fall. Here are some resources to help you vote smart on May 15:

  1. Find your POLLING PLACE

  2. Here’s an article to help find your NEW CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT

  3. PREVIEW THE BALLOT you’ll be voting on (The ballot numbers correspond to your Congressional, State Senate, & State Districts)

ENDORSEMENTS– Below you’ll see our endorsed candidates. We have not endorsed in every district. If you want to volunteer for any of the candidates, click on their name below.

Lieutenant GovernorNina Ahmad

State House:

200thHouse District – Chris Rabb

184thHouse District – Elizabeth Fiedler

181stHouse District – Malcolm Kenyatta

177thHouse District – Joe Hohenstein

State Senate:

4thSenatorial District – Art Haywood

PHILADELPHIA BALLOT QUESTIONS – We recommend Yes on the three ballot questions. To learn more about the ballot questions and the reasons for our recommendations, click here.

AND FOR VOTERS IN NW PHILLY, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR COMMITTEE PERSONS IN YOUR DIVISION. We have focused heavily this year on filling Committee Person spots within the Democratic Party ward and division structure with folks who are committed to the common good, to open and transparent Party procedures, and to getting out the vote in Presidential and non-Presidential elections alike. Be sure to make it all the way down to the bottom of the ballot to the Ward Executive Committee line so you can vote for a NN endorsed candidate:

  1. To see this list of outstanding candidates in NW Philly by ward and division, click here.

  2. To see if you live in one of the divisions click here.

Also note that when you check out the list of our supported committee person candidates, you’ll see which of them are running in contested elections. If you’re in any of the divisions with our supported candidates, we urge you to vote for them, but it is especially important if you live in one of the divisions that has a contest.

Thank you for voting on Tuesday, May 15 so that when we wake up on Wednesday, we’ll find ourselves with a slate of candidates that we can eagerly support when the next round comes up in November.


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