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Resistance to Trump Starts With a Bang In Northwest Philly

200 Activists Overfill Room At Our ROE (Resistance Organizing Event)

Wow! On December 14th, 200 of us came together to discuss how we can resist Trump, fight for policies that promote people over profits, and build power for the progressive majority in Philadelphia. Winning this battle will require activism at all levels of government, city, state and federal. Our particular focus will be to beat back Trump’s efforts to take away rights we already have, and to find new and creative ways to expand those rights in the face of whatever obstacles he throws our way. All of the initial fights we’re waging have that focus:

  1. We contested Trump and his far right-wing ideology directly, the very next day at Toomey’s office where we protested Toomey’s unwillingness to call out Trump’s massive conflicts of interest, next coming up on January 21st at the Philadelphia Women’s March against every element of Trump’s dangerous agenda, and much more later as confirmation and other battles unfold;

  2. We mobilize to dismantle the SRC and bring control of our schools back to our community in the face of Trump’s effort to totally privatize education;

  3. We oppose SEPTA’s capitulation to the fossil-fuel industry by choosing fracked gas as its fuel of choice to run the Nicetown bus barn;

  4. We organize to defeat right wing Republicans dominating the PA Legislature, focusing on the near suburbs and starting in the very next election cycle;

  5. We develop plans to create a Philadelphia Public Bank, taking billions of dollars out of the control of Wall Street for reinvestment here at home.

  6. We join the campaign to appoint Keith Ellison, a real progressive, as Chair of the DNC so that Democrats never again fail to project the message that our Party stands for economic and social justice.

To do all of these things we need to ramp up our fundraising; a bare bones budget will no longer do. Please click here to donate, and if possible make your donation recur monthly. Monthly pledges are especially valuable in enabling us to plan ahead rather than jump from crisis to crisis.

Our next meeting will Sunday January 29th at 3 PM, location somewhere in Northwest Philly, precise spot TBD. Please save the date.


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