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PNN Endorses Larry Krasner for District Attorney

The votes are in! Over the past two weeks members of PNN were asked to vote on who they want our organization to endorse in the upcoming Primary election for District Attorney. You overwhelmingly voted for the incumbent Larry Krasner. Due to his record of enacted reforms and commitment to further reforms, PNN is proud to endorse Larry Krasner for District Attorney.

When Krasner ran four years ago, he promised to roll back needless incarceration, focus on more serious offenses, and institute a no-tolerance policy for corruption. He has made significant progress on all these fronts:

  1. The county jail population decreased by 40% and this summer fell to its lowest level since 1985.

  2. He has exonerated 18 innocent individuals with his newly instituted Conviction Integrity Unit.

  3. He shifted resources to solve serious crimes. Just before the pandemic effectively closed Philly courts, a greater share of homicide cases ended in convictions than in any year since 2014 and the conviction rates in shooting cases were likewise at the highest point in years.

  4. He changed the DAs policy on cash bail by not asking for cash bail in petty cases where public safety is not at issue.

  5. He held police accountable by developing a database of police misconduct and charging and prosecuting police officers for abusing their power.

At the same time, Krasner has taken a public health approach to drug use, expanded diversionary programs, and implemented a restorative justice program for juveniles. Equally important, Krasner launched the CARES program that provides intensive support for 45 days after the homicide of a family member.

We believe that Larry Krasner is the right person for DA at this time and will continue to make a difference on the issues that are critical to criminal justice reform.

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