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Budget Update: ...and then There Were Four- Narrowing Our Council Target

This is an update on the battle taking place right now in City Council over the new budget. Council President Darrell Clarke was unable to get consensus on the Mayor's budget over the weekend and has delayed a final vote that was scheduled for today.

This is because of the work we and our partners did to push members of City Council to oppose tax cuts for the wealthy and change their spending priorities. Clarke called it the toughest budget fight he's faced since his time as Council President. True or not, this is great work, folks!

One More Blitz: Narrowing Our Targets

We still have time to shape the final budget - by targeting those on City Council whose votes for a progressive spending and tax plan we think are obtainable. Those Council members are:

  • Cindy Bass

  • Cherelle Parker

  • Katherine Gilmore-Richardson

  • Isiah Thomas

In this final push, we ask that those of you who have not yet taken part in our budget media blitz to click on the link below and take a look at what you're being asked to do.

I have provided you with a Budget Blitz Toolkit. It contains a brief overview of our objectives and tactics, an overview of our demands, and scripts and sample copy for your phone calls and emails, your posts and tweets (when applicable).


As always, thanks so much for your activism. When the politicians hear about our calls and emails from their staff, when they see us on their media feeds, they are reminded that we're watching them.

Thanks for your help!

Tim Brown

p.s. If you need something or have a question, call me at 610-659-9010

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