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Philly Neighborhood Networks has a plan to increase voter engagement to get our progressive endorsed candidates elected in Nov 2019 and will also put us in a good position to win in the crucial national 2020 Election. It will include us reaching out to voters, finding out what’s important to them and engaging them in the political process that includes voting.


The Big Survey Workshop and Canvass Kickoff

Saturday, September 7

Shifts at 10 AM – Noon – 2 PM

Address: 5535 Lena Street in Germantown

And read on to see how it all fits together…

THE PROBLEM Remember back in 2016, when we lost Pennsylvania by 44,292 votes? When you break it down, that’s an extra 26 votes per Division that our City needed to turn out. We weren’t alone in missing our mark. In that election. more than 109 million eligible voters stayed home – 40 million more than voted for either candidate. And now we’ve got this nightmare. We cannot afford to be apathetic any longer. Philadelphia is the linchpin for Pennsylvania, and PA decides the Presidency..

THE BIG SURVEY PROJECT The Big Survey project is designed to find all those people who never get talked to during a campaign, the ones who usually stay home. We’re going to knock on their doors and, using our Issues Survey, we’ll have good conversations with them on the things they care about. 

Statistics have shown time and again that this kind of voter engagement, especially in areas with the lowest turnout, reaps great rewards. And it helps the previously disenfranchised take the first step toward getting involved in their community and habitual voting – the two key responsibilities we have as citizens.

THE WORKSHOP Before you knock your first door, you’ll learn the techniques to having a fun and effective conversation with any neighbor. We’ll walk you thru the conversation step-by-step, so that you understand the science behind the door knock. 

We will provide you with all the materials and training you’ll need to knock doors and our Survey will help you have good conversations with neighbors on issues that matter to all of us. Then we’ll have one-on-one practice that will get you comfortable with your door rap, and help you feel confident. We’ll even pair you up with someone if you’re feeling particularly nervous.

WINNING PROGRESSIVE POWER IN CITY COUNCIL We will also be helping to introduce Philly NN endorsed candidates, Kendra Brooks & Nick O’Rourke, to our neighbors.Kendra and Nicolas are running for City Council at-large as Working Families Party candidates this November. In Philadelphia, there are two seats reserved for “minority parties”, more specifically for non-Democrats. Those seats are now held by Republicans. But there’s no reason that two Republicans should represent the entire City on our City Council. That’s why Kendra and Pastor Nicolas O’Rourke are running to replace those two Republicans with Working Families Party candidates. 

With 40,000 votes, we can put these two Republicans out of City Hall, so we’d have 5 Democrats and two down-the-line fighters for racial and economic justice pressuring the Democrats to be bold. (This strategy does not risk Democrats being defeated because they always finish way ahead of the minor Party candidates, averaging 4 times the vote of the Republican candidates in the last election.).


The BIG SURVEY WORKHOP AND CANVASS KICK OFF take place on September 7, Saturday, starting at 10AM – Noon – and 2PM — so CLICK HERE to pick a time that works for you.

Let’s go motivate some new voters and get ourselves ready to win this Fall and in 2020!


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