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Our Values

     Philly Neighborhood Networks is committed to promoting fair and just political, legal and economic systems.  Social, racial and economic justice is at the core of all we do as we work to promote a society in which all people are treated with dignity and fairness, all are free of discrimination and unequal treatment, and all have the right to live fully and enjoy a meaningful life.



We hold politicians answerable for their promises and their actions, and we expect that we too will fulfill our commitments, work responsibly with each other, and be true to the values we profess.

Collaboration & Partnership

We believe that working creatively with one another and other community and advocacy groups builds a more powerful movement for social and economic change. When seeking solutions to structural injustices, we reach out and follow the leadership of the communities that are most directly affected.

Equity & Inclusion

We hold all human lives to be of equal value and believe that each person is entitled to basic human rights.  We welcome all peoples’ participation, without regard to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, age, abilities, or religion, and value all the diversity they bring.  As we work together to achieve the common good, we believe that there is more that unites us than separates us.


We believe in stepping up courageously as an organization and as individuals and stepping back to make room for others to lead in their time. We are committed to cultivating, growing and supporting leaders for our organization and respecting the lead of other organizations within our coalitions.


Recognizing that we live in an interdependent world, we understand that we are all neighbors and that harm done to one is harm done to all of us. We act for justice in the political realm and treat one another with neighborly concern.

Our Principles

We are guided by a set of principles which form the basis for the issues we take on and the candidates we endorse.

  1. Democratic and Community Control Over Our Country and Economy
    We must start by taking money out of politics so that public policies reflect the will of the people. We need publicly financed elections that are open, accessible and fair to all. Locally controlled entities like cooperatives, land trusts, and public banks must be supported while Wall Street and private banks must be regulated so that our city serves not just the 1% but all the people of Philadelphia.

  2. Living Wage Jobs And Benefits For Workers
    Americans have a right to fair minimum and living wages, to organize and collectively bargain, to enjoy equal opportunity, and to earn equal pay for equal work. We need job creation that lifts our chronically unemployed and marginalized residents out of poverty.

  3.  Safe, Clean And Healthy Communities Where People Can Afford To Live
    Our communities need affordable housing that has protections for homeowners and renters, efficient city services, and quality health care for all that is cost-effective.

  4. Climate Justice & Clean Energy for a Just and Sustainable Future 
    We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and invest in cleaner, more innovative ways to produce and consume energy, like wind, solar and geothermal. Green energy jobs and more public and alternative transportation are needed in our city.

  5. Support Public Education From Pre-K To Higher Education
    We should provide universal access to early childhood education, make school funding equitable, elect our school board, invest in high-quality teachers, and build safe, well-equipped school buildings for our students. A high-quality education system, from universal preschool to vocational training, and affordable higher education, is critical for our future and can create badly needed jobs now.

  6. Fair Taxes, Fair Budgets
    Those that have more, should pay more so that our budgets provide for the essential services needed in all our neighborhoods, and especially for our most vulnerable citizens. We need to close corporate loopholes and giveaways for the rich.

  7. Equality & Equity for All 
    Discrimination based on race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or nationality has no place in our society. We must end discriminatory practices such as racial profiling and Stop & Frisk and institute policies like Ban the Box, bail reform and community-based policing. Our immigrant communities must have access to opportunities and be free from deportations and detentions. We need to end mass incarceration and reinvest the savings in programs that prevent recidivism and promote rehabilitation and reentry

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