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There is something disingenuous about Rep. Stephen Bloom’s (R., Cumberland) effort to “fix…our broken state government.” He, along with Sen. John Eichelberger (R., Blair) have expressed the desire to create a constitutional convention to improve governance in Pennsylvania.  I certainly believe that our principal governing document needs improvement, but what assurance do we have that a future constitution will be enforced when the current one is not?  Our current constitution requires the adoption of a balanced budget for the fiscal year by June 30 of the previous fiscal year.  Not only did the PA House defy this mandate, it went on paid holiday for six weeks, leaving Government in limbo.  I don’t recall Rep. Bloom protesting his vacation.  Let’s table Rep. Bloom’s request for new rules until he until he complies with the ones currently in existence. Better yet, let’s elect representatives who will fulfill the requirements of their office.

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