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Primary 2020 Endorsements, Get Out the Vote Plan, & Mail-In Voting

While the PA primary may be delayed, we know that it will occur sometime this year.  We should be ready to elect transformative officials at every level that will put people first, not the big corporations, and we should insist that voting will be safe, secure, and as accessible as possible.


Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks’ Steering Committee conducted an endorsement process where we reviewed candidates’ questionnaires, held intensive interviews with them and then jointly reviewed our findings. Based on this process, we made recommendations to you, our members, and asked for your votes in a Poll.

The Poll is now over and you have spoken.  A supermajority of members voted that we should endorse the following candidates in the upcoming PA Primary Election:

President of the United States – Bernie Sanders

Auditor General – Nina Ahmad

PA Senate #1 – Nikil Saval

PA House #181 – Malcolm Kenyatta

PA House #182 – Brian Sims

PA House #184 – Elizabeth Fiedler

PA House #188 – Rick Krajewski

PA House #198 – Supreme Dow

PA House #200 – Chris Rabb

We will now go forward to support these outstanding candidates in the upcoming election, to the best of our ability in these challenging times. With respect to the Presidential race, we realize that much might happen between now and the Convention. There are challenges facing Bernie’s campaign, but PNN members overwhelmingly share his values and support his policies and programs. Whether he wins or loses, we will do everything in our power to move his agenda into the platform of the eventual Democratic candidate. Then we will all unite to fight as hard as we can to defeat Trump in the General Election.


PNN will not be doing in person canvassing for the primary election; instead, we will employ campaign methods that will be as safe, secure, and effective as possible. We plan to use texting, emails, social media and phone calls to contact voters. We are exploring the costs and availability of these techniques and will let you know the particulars of our Game Plan in next week’s newsletter.


We are advocating for the use of Mail-In Ballots for the primary election. We are calling on PA lawmakers to quickly pass Rep. Kevin Boyle’s bill (HB2637) that would send every PA voter a Vote-By-Mail ballot application in a timely manner and with prepaid postage. 

You can help us in this effort by finding your state lawmaker here and calling them to demand they co-sponsor this important bill, which will take the pressure off our in-person polling locations, protect the integrity of our election and the safety of our election workers. It may also be helpful to contact the following officers to ask them to order mail in voting for this primary on an emergency basis: Governor Wolf:; 717-787-2500; Secretary of State Boockvar:; 717-787-5280; Secretary of Health Levine, through the Office of Health Preparedness and Community Protection:; 717-783-8804.

In the meantime, we urge all voters to apply for a Mail-In Ballot. Your completed application must be received in the county office by 5:00 PM on 04/21/2020. The deadline to return your voted absentee or mail-in ballot is 8:00 PM on 04/28/2020.

Thank you for your participation and support as we all do what we can to fight this virus and keep our communities safe, healthy and whole.


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