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PNN Newsletter: Tuesday's Election, PNN Budget Summit and More...

There are Two Big Things on our collective plate this week. First, of course, is the Primary Election where the FOP will attempt to steal back the District Attorney's office with a misinformation campaign. The other is preparing for justice work around the City Budget. We'll do that with a Budget Summit where we will reimagine how our tax dollars should be spent. Be sure to take a look at this week in history at the bottom.

Put in a Shift for Larry Krasner

Make no mistake, this promises to be a close race. And that is why it is so important to remind progressive neighbors who might otherwise stay home that they must go to the polls and cast their vote for Larry Krasner.

Think about what happens if Carlos Vega takes over - a return to high bails for minor offenses, questionable arrests that put innocent people "in the system" - all led by a man who wanted to re-try someone whose DNA evidence exonerated him. We can't go back to what amounts to criminal behavior by the office that is supposed to represent justice.

So, I'm asking you to stand up for justice and take part in re-electing Larry Krasner as our District Attorney. You'll be taking an active part in making sure that bullies and liars are kept in check in our City. And we can continue to work for a fair and just criminal law system by re-electing Larry Krasner.


PNN Endorsements & Recommendations Please consider the PNN endorsements and recommendations for offices, judgeships and all five ballot questions. Endorsements & Recommendations ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Important Information on Voting in the Primary Election Mail Ballot It’s too late to put your mail ballot in a USPS mailbox.Ballots are due by 8 pm sharp on May 18 so we do not recommend putting your ballot in the mail at this point. Postmarks do not count. You must return your Completed Ballot at one of these locations:

  • Click Here for All 14 Drop Box Locations that are open 24/7

  • Mobile Staffed Ballot Drop Off Events - 2 hour events across the city

  • County Board of Elections, City Hall, Room 140, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Changed Your Mind and Want to Vote in Person? Bring your mail ballot (and the outer envelope) to your polling location and surrender it. You’ll be asked to sign a declaration, and then you can vote using the regular machines. The Polling Location Cannot Accept Your Mail Ballot. Vote In Person on May 18 - Your polling location is probably where you voted in the November election. Go to to find your polling place. Got Questions? Call the Commissioners at 215-686-3460 The important thing is to vote, no matter how you do it. Every vote will count in this low turnout election.


Post-Election: Want to Have a Voice on the City Budget?

Thursday, May 27th, 7PM

The City budget is a moral document; it demonstrates what we value as a community, it decides what we are willing to pay for and how much each should contribute to our collective good. This year an amazing progressive coalition has emerged to insist that City Council make the right choices.

Philly Neighborhood Networks is a leader in this coalition and we need your input on what you think the budget should prioritize. Please be with us for our Budget Summit on May 27th to join the conversation, and then learn how you can personally play a role in seeing our shared priorities become reality.

For our take on the general direction we think Council should take on the budget, click here to see Vice-Chair Stan Shapiro’s testimony he delivered to City Council earlier this month.


Join an Action Committee or Working Group

Committees meet to discuss the broad range of issues we should work on within a variety of categories, and our Working Groups develop specific campaigns to take on and develop plans. Take this opportunity to join any of our Action Committees and Working Groups as we begin to decide our work for the year.

:: Waste Working Group Meeting, Sun, May 16th, 4:30PM

We will focus on planning for the "Break Free from Plastics Forum" in July. All those who wish to work on that event should please attend this session. Watch your email as we hope to send additional information in preparation for the meeting. Get the Link

Isn't it Time You Joined an Action Committee?

Join an Action Committee for Economic Justice, Education, the Environment, Healthcare, Housing and Electoral Politics. To get started, email


This Week in History

May 14, 1796 – First Smallpox Vaccine. On this day, an English country doctor named Edward Jenner administered the first successful vaccine for this deadly disease using a less lethal "coxpox" variant to build immunity.

May 15, 1800 – Capital Moves to D.C. President John Adams oversaw the transfer of the the nation's capital from the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection to a swamp on the edge of Maryland.

May 16, 1985 – Ozone Hole. Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey detected abnormally low levels of ozone over the South Pole. Soon after, 46 nations signed the Montreal Protocol, pledging to phase out substances known to cause ozone depletion.

May 17, 1954 – Brown v. BOE. In response to Linda Brown being denied access to her local elementary school, the Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision ruling that racial segregation in public educational facilities is unconstitutional.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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