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PNN Newsletter: Sign Up for Summit, Tell Congress Save Our Planet, Free Dental and more

We continue to gear up for the Public Bank Visioning Summit. If you haven't signed up yet, please take a moment to do so. We are also reaching out to our senators and representatives to insist that climate-saving policies are included in the reconciliation bill. There is an opportunity to get free dental care. And be sure to check out what happened this week in history.


Time to Sign Up for Public Bank Visioning Summit

Saturday, Sep. 18th, 1PM-4PM, Virtual

What Can a Public Bank Do for You?

Fix Our Crumbling Schools. Build Affordable Housing. Fight Climate Change.

The Philadelphia Public Bank bank could be a resource for affordable housing, small businesses, sustainable infrastructure, co-op development, environmental justice, and much more. For this to be a reality, we need public support and input to make sure the bank addresses all these needs. Come to the Summit to hear about the status of the local and national movements for public banking, the particulars of how the Philadelphia Public Bank will work, and where the money to capitalize the bank could come from.

Featuring New Economy movement leaders Amara Enyia and Saqib Bhatti, preeminent public banking expert Walt McRee, Philadelphia Councilmember Derek Green, local hosts Vanessa Lowe and Steve Paul, and many other experts and activists from around the nation, the event will provide valuable perspectives on the intersection of public banking and racial justice.


Tell Congress the Time is Now to Save Our Planet

California is on fire. Colorado is in a drought. The NYC subway is flooded. Tornados are tearing through the Delaware Valley. This is our new normal. And it's forcing us to face the imminent threat of climate change. If we do not act now, warming of the atmosphere will reach dangerous levels in the next few decades.

Fortunately, Congress is finally considering major climate legislation this month – and it’s a crucial time for us to tell our legislators that historic legislation is needed. Public pressure is essential given the heavy lobbying of fossil fuel interests to block effective action.

What can you do? You can take a few minutes right now to contact your members of Congress to encourage them to protect our planet, if not for themselves, then for their children and grandchildren. And remind them that we're watching them with 2022 in mind.

If you would like to do more, you can: 1) talk to and send this note to friends and family, and encourage them to respond, 2) contact us at to find out how you can become a volunteer community educator in the NW Philly area.


Get Some Free Dental Next Week!

Temple University's Kornberg School of Dentistry will be providing free dental services on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 6AM next Friday, Sep 24th and Saturday, Sep 25th. The School of Dentistry is located at 3223 North Broad Street. There will be dental services for both adults and children, including: examinations, fillings, cleanings, extractions, root canals and limited denture care. They will also supply free screenings for: Hb1AC, diabetes and blood pressure. There are NO ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS. Learn more at


This Week in History

Sep 11, 2001 – Day of Remembrance. This day marks the 20th anniversary of a series of attacks by Saudi Arabian and Egyptian hijackers targeting the twin tower buildings in NYC and murdering 2,977 people. This led to the PATRIOT Act and a 20-year war in the middle east.

Sep 15, 1963 – Birmingham Four. On this day, 16th Street Baptist Church was bombed by four known Klansmen, murdering four black girls who were practicing for choir. The site became a rallying place for Civil Rights.

Sep 17, 2011 – Occupy Wall Street. The protest started when citizens "Occupied" Zuccotti Park in NYC's Financial District to protest against how the poor and wealthy are treated differently in society. It captures the zeitgeist of the moment and Occupy encampments spread across the nation.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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