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PNN Newsletter: Canvass Like Your Country Depends On It (Make Chase Calls, Too)

PNN’s mission is to engage, educate and empower our neighbors to make our City a better place to live. Here’s what’s coming up in each of these areas:

  • Engage: Join Us to Canvass on Saturday & Sunday, Election Day; Make Chase Calls

  • Educate: Join a Conversation About Guns; See Bernie Sanders

  • Empower: People's Economic Forum on Housing Crisis; People's Assembly

Read on to find out the when, where, and how.

Voter Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Vote Count!

  • Mail-In Ballots Must Have a Date & Signature on Envelope!

  • Want to Check Your Ballot's Status?

  • Where are the Drop Boxes?

  • How to Vote In-Person (if you already have a mail-in ballot)


Knock Doors for Democracy Saturday & Sunday!

Help Canvass Low-Turnout Neighborhoods

We have little more than a week left to help save our democracy. We need a big turnout in Philly to counter the far-right radicals from the rad part of the state. We'll be knocking doors to remind folks that their vote may swing this election. It's not too late to do your part.

Canvassing Works: The folks who run campaigns spend a lot of time digging into statistics to find out what works best to get out the vote. The answer is that canvassing creates a 4% bump in voting, often because many folks are bombarded by negative ads, and they need to be reminded at their door just how important their vote is this election.

In fact, the only thing that inoculates the average voter against the nonstop propaganda they see on television is a conversation with a real-life person, a neighbor who shares their interests, and can provide answers to questions raised by these underhanded ads.

So, can you spare a couple of hours this weekend to talk with neighbors?

  • Saturday, we'll meet at the Studio at 5535 Lena Street starting at 10AM.

  • Sunday, we'll meet at the Lovett Library at 6945 Germantown Ave at 11AM.

Buddy-Up: We will be going out in teams of two to knock doors and talk with our neighbors about the importance of this election. Before you go out, we'll walk through the conversation you'll have with neighbors, so you feel comfortable knocking doors.


Want to Help on Election Day?

Canvasses: Staging at New Journey Christian Center, 1001 East Chelten Av.

On Election Day, we'll be conducting a knock & drag campaign at the doors to get reluctant voters to their polling place. Shifts are - Morning: 9-12 - Afternoon: 1-4 - Evening: 5-8. On the last shift we'll be driving around with a bullhorn and offering rides.

Chase Calls, All Day from Home

We will also be making "chase calls" to voters with a short message to encourage them to vote and to remind them that they must return their completed ballot to the nearest drop box or surrender it at their polling place and vote in-person. We'll also give them a phone number to call for a free ride to their polling place.


Blue PA Opportunities to Canvass Suburbs

Join us and our partners to canvass outside Philly for progressive candidates in neighboring counties.

  • Saturday, Nov 5: 12PM – 3 PM at 23 S Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460 for Senator Katie Muth and Paul Friel for State Rep. SIGN UP HERE.

  • Sunday, Nov 6: 12PM - 3 PM at 3514 Goshen Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073 for Lisa Borowski for State Rep. SIGN UP HERE.


Can You Help Drive Voters to the Polls on Election Day? Need a Ride?

Our friends at Drive Your Ballot are gearing up to help voters gets to the polls. If you'd like to help drive voters on Election Day, then Sign Up Here Need a ride to the Polls? Click Here


The People's Economic Forum: Public Banking & the Housing Crisis

Thursday, November 17th, 7PM, Virtual

In a civilized community, safe and affordable housing would be available to all. But private banks and private equity treat homes as commodities, rather than places for human beings to live. How can a public bank counter redlining, ever increasing housing costs, and more? Come with your questions. Listen and learn as we explore ways to democratize our wealth and our economy.

We will have a remarkable array of community leaders and housing supply experts to shed light on this incredibly important issue for the people of our City. Come with your questions. Listen and learn as we explore how public banking can democratize our housing supply.


Take Part in the People's Assembly

Saturday, November 12th, 11AM-3PM, 1801 W. Diamond St.

The Alliance for a Just Philadelphia is launching an updated People’s Platform just in time for the 2023 election season! The 2023 People's Platform for a Just Philadelphia is a vision for our city that prioritizes communities over corporations and centers the needs of all Philadelphians, especially Black and brown, immigrant, refugee, poor and working class residents who bear the brunt of systemic neglect. Come to the People’s Assembly to learn more about the Platform and give feedback to make the demands even stronger.


Our Future Is Now Tour with Bernie Sanders

Sunday, Nov. 6th, 5:30PM-7:45PM, 421 N. 7th Street

Our Future Is Now Tour — featuring special guest Sen. Bernie Sanders will happen on Sunday at the Franklin Music Hall on North 7th St. Hosted by allies NextGen and MoveOn the event is designed to engage and mobilize young voters to the polls ahead of this year’s midterm election. Doors open at 4:30PM. Expect a crowd. Sign Up Here


Grappling With America's Guns: A Community Conversation

Wednesday, Nov. 9th, 6PM-7:30PM, Chestnut Hill Library, 8711 Germantown Av.

The Free Library and WHYY are holding a Community Conversation Bridging Blocks: Uniting Neighborhoods Through Conversation is a three-year initiative that gathers small groups of residents to talk about issues including immigration, gentrification, racial justice, and more. Join them for the next event, set for Wednesday, November 9 at the Chestnut Hill Library, on the topic of gun violence in the United States.


This Week in History

Nov 4, 1964 – D.C. Residents Vote. The residents of the District of Columbia cast ballots in their first presidential election after the 23rd Amendment gave them the right to vote for president. D.C. has three Electoral Votes, just like Wyoming, although it only has one (non-voting) representative in Congress.

Nov. 5, 1855 – Eugene Debs Born. Happy birthday to Eugene Victor "Gene" Debs, an American socialist, political activist, trade unionist, one of the founding members of the Industrial Workers of the World, and five times the candidate of the Socialist Party of America for President of the United States.

Nov 7, 1916 – First Congresswoman. The Montana suffragist Jeannette Rankin is elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. She is the first woman in the history of the nation to win a seat in the federal Congress.

Nov 9, 1935 – CIO Founded. The Congress for Industrial Organization was founded by eight international unions belonging to the American Federation of Labor. In its statement of purpose, the CIO said it had formed to encourage the AFL to organize workers in mass production industries along industrial union lines.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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