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PNN Newsletter: Buddy Canvass & Rally for Safe Communities, More

PNN’s mission is to engage, educate and empower our neighbors to make our City a better place to live. Here’s what’s coming up in each of these areas:

  • Engage: Buddy Canvass & Rally for Safe Communities

  • Educate: Phone Banking

  • Empower: Hug the Block

Our Endorsements & Recommendations

Some of our fellow members have asked us to put together a complete list of endorsements and recommendations for this election, including the judges and the ballot question. You can find that information here.


It's Time to Get In the Game

Let's be clear about what's going on. The establishment put us on the ropes in the Primary. We lost a powerful voice on City Council in Helen Gym. And they pulled every trick in the book to eke out a win in the Eighth District over Seth.

Now they want to finish us off by making sure that Kendra and Nic do not replace Republicans on City Council. Bob Brady made it clear that any Committee Person who openly supports the WFP candidates will be removed.

Here is the truth: With a 7-1 voter registration advantage over other parties, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Democratic At-Large candidates will win by THREE TIMES the votes of the top minority party candidate.

It makes you wonder what Party Leader Brady's motivation is here, doesn't it? I think it's not hard to suss out. Remember his post-primary "the dinosaur roared" remark? I think he's acting out against the entire people-centered movement in this city who dared to run candidates for office without his blessing. Kendra and Nic are a direct threat to his power. That means he wants them gone.

So, let's do some roaring of our own. We have canvasses set up to target low-information voters in key turnout areas, including the Big Canvass that will take place on Saturday, November 4th, before our Rally for Safer Communities. There is no time to waste. If you haven't done so already, please take this moment to click below and get yourself in the game.


Buddy Canvass With US!

Sunday, October 29th, 11AM, 6945 Germantown Ave

We'll be launching canvasses at 11AM. Come out to support Kendra and Nic for Council At-Large and Judge Daniel McCaffery for PA Supreme Court as they face off against MAGA Republicans in what promise to be very close races.

We are targeting neighborhoods where we need to explain to folks that voting for Kendra and Nic do not hurt the chances of any of the Democrats, who will win with three times as many votes as any of the minority party candidates. Click the link below to sign up for one of these scheduled canvasses:

  • Sunday, Oct 29th, 11AM at Lovett Lovett Library, 6945 Germantown Ave

  • Saturday, Nov 4th, 11AM Big Buddy Canvass at Vernon Park

  • Sunday, Nov 5th, 11AM at Lovett Lovett Library, 6945 Germantown Ave

Please join us for at least one of these canvasses, thanks!


Nov 4 Big Canvass & Rally for Safe Communities!

Saturday, November 4th, 11AM & 2PM, Vernon Park, 5800 Germantown Ave.

We will start off our day with a show of strength by conducting a huge Buddy Canvass with our neighbors in Germantown. We'll meet in Vernon Park at 11AM (you'll see our signs!)

We'll prepare you for your conversation at the door, so that you can effectively explain to voters that a vote for Kendra and Nic means replacing Republicans and does not threaten any of the Democrats running for at-Large positions. Plus, we'll provide info about Judge Daniel McCaffery, expressing how important it is for us to keep control over the PA Supreme Court, especially on the eve of the presidential election.

Then we'll "buddy you up" with a fellow activist to knock doors together and share the conversation. It's always fun to canvass with a buddy!

Rally for Safe Communities: After our canvass, we'll meet back at Vernon Park for our Rally for Safe Communities, starting at 2PM. All our candidates will be there, as well as community leaders and fellow activists.

Big Canvass: If you do only one canvass, this is the one! Please sign up (and bring a friend)


Make (Auto-Dial) Calls!

Wednesday, November 1st, 6PM, Virtual

Help Kendra, Nic and Judge Dan by making phone calls to neighbors to tell them about the upcoming election. We'll start you with a short workshop to get you prepared to have those conversations and provide you with a script you can follow.

The auto-dialer process is easy and fun to learn! Join the team and help us make calls on Wednesday evening starting at 6PM.


Join Philly's "Hug the Block" Operation

Ongoing, Overnight, Throughout the City, Until Election Day

In response to the continued gun violence in some of our most challenged neighborhoods, residents have pulled together a boots-on-the-ground program designed to put peace patrols on the streets during the nights, to show solidarity and help to curtail the violence.

The "Hug the Block" operation is a neighbor-led effort that coordinates with the Philadelphia Police Department to patrol our streets. Shifts start at 10PM and continue on the hour until 4AM, the likeliest times for gun violence

We go out as a group with given vests and flashlights and a bullhorn, and have a police presence for each shift. Participants can set their own schedule and go as long as they desire. It is energizing, and we've been greeted by grateful neighbors.


This Week in History

Oct 28, 1886 - Liberty Dedicated. Originally known as "Liberty Lighting the World", the Statue of Liberty was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland.

Oct 29, 1929 - Black Friday. On this day, speculators got called on stocks that had no real value, causing the stock market to crash, which led to the Great Depression.

Dec 1, 1955 - Rosa Takes a Seat. Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white man, sparking the year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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