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Get Out the Vote Canvass, Early Voting Centers, FOP Contract and More…

This week’s newsletter is devoted to the work ahead of us as we embark on the most important election of our lifetimes. You can help by canvassing in the field or making calls to voters. And you can attend a press conference and learn more about the FOP contract and community control.

Help Us Canvass Occasional Voters

Thanks for your work helping voters at our Early Voting Center. Scores of volunteers have shown up each day to staff PNN’s table, assisting voters in the lines, distributing mail application forms, and guiding them through a tricky process in this tumultuous election. Voters were grateful for our assistance and we we were encouraged by the outpouring of people who want to vote early!

Now we will pivot our work to the field to reach out directly to those voters we’ve been calling. Starting on Thursday, Oct 29th, we’ll be knocking 21,000 doors in Wards 12, 13, 17 & 59 to have socially-distanced conversations with voters that we’ve identified as not yet voted (by mail) and to convince them of the importance of their vote in this election.

When nobody answers, we’ll drop a flier that provides information on mail ballots and tells them how to find their polling place and to expect long lines at the poll, so bring a book, bring a chair and bring a friend to vote. We have a staging area in Germantown where you will be provided all the materials and training.

We need to reach every voter in Philly in order to win big in Pennsylvania! If you’d like to help in this important campaign, click on the link below and sign up.


Would You Like to Work as a Paid Canvasser in this Election?

PNN has obtained a small one-time grant for the limited purpose of hiring canvassers for NW Philly. You must be available 5 hours each day for 6 days of Oct 29th thru Nov 3rd. If you are interested in this part-time work, contact Tim Brown at by Monday, Oct 26th. Please use the subject heading: “GOTV Canvasser”

If you can’t join us in the field, but you would like to sponsor a canvass worker, then please click the big red “Contribute Here” button at the bottom of this email to donate a day’s salary ($100.00).


Sign Up Now for a Phone Bank!

We are coming into our last days of phone banking and the script has been changed to reflect the urgency of the moment as we work to Get Out the Vote. Join us this Saturday at 1PM, next Wednesday at 1PM, Thursday at 10AM and 6PM and Saturday, Oct 31st at 1PM to call voters in NW Philly to remind them how important their vote is to saving our democracy.


Political Education Series: Postponed

Note: Our Political Education workshop scheduled for Thursday, Oct 29th is postponed until after the election. We will keep you informed when we restart this series.


FOP Contract & Community Control

As Mayor Kenney prepares to enter negotiations with the FOP again, there is a demand for more transparency to the contract negotiations. There is a campaign calling for major changes to the contract itself– increased transparency and discipline, along with a commitment to divestment and the end of using grievance arbitration. To learn more and join a press conference on October 27, 4 pm, go to the Facebook Event Page.


This Week in History

Oct 24, 1945 – United Nations is Chartered. The UN was born in the midst of WWII, as a means of arbitrating international conflict, negotiating peace and rallying others nations in opposition to the Axis Powers.

Oct 28, 1886 – Statue of Liberty Dedicated. Originally known as “Liberty Enlightening the World,” the statue welcomed immigrants with the words, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”Thanks again for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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