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Election Planning & Judicial Candidates, Great Vaccine News, Come to an Action Committee Meetin

Hi Timothy,

We have some great news for Philly residents 65 and older and a link to get scheduled for a vaccination; We offer opportunities to learn more about the judges running in this year’s Primary election; and we’re also going to get together to discuss our plans to help progressives win (or retain) their seats in government, plus get a briefing on our progress.

And be sure to take a look at all of the Action Committees and Working Groups that have things going on this week (and be sure to sign up for one or more of them). We want our activism to reflect your values, and you have to participate for that to happen. So, get off the fence and join something!

Progress Report & Election Planning, Sat. March 20th

Join us on Saturday, March 20th at 1PM for an update on all the important work we have underway this year to advance the cause of justice.

We’ll start it off with an amusing icebreaker question; then we’ll catch you up on the progress of our Action Committees and our Division Captain program.

Then we’ll talk about the Primary. We’ll lay out the political landscape and the path to victory for our endorsed and recommended candidates, in particular Larry Krasner for District Attorney (thanks to everyone who helped us gather petitions!). Drilling down, we’ll map out the strategies and tactics we’ll use, the metrics to measure our progress, the tools we’ll have available to us.

We hope to see you on March 20th!


Philly Expands Vaccines to 65 and Older

On Wednesday, the Department of Public Health today notified COVID-19 vaccine providers that the Philadelphia Vaccine Advisory Committee has recommended a change to the Philadelphia Phase 1b eligibility criteria to include those aged 65 years and older!

Those who are aged 65 or older are encouraged to register by clicking on the City’s Vaccine Interest Form, or by dialing 3-1-1 so they can be notified and directed to set an appointment at a City-run or partner clinic. Virtually all of the COVID-19 vaccine clinics in Philadelphia are by appointment only.

The Black Doctor’s COVID-19 Consortium is the only vaccine provider in the city with walk-up clinics.


Judicial Candidates in the May Primary – Learn More

Judges have a tremendous impact on our lives; yet, most people know very little about the judges who are making these decisions. There are a number of judicial candidates in the upcoming May elections. And as usual, most people need information on the candidates in order to make an informed choice. So the first step, is to learn about the judges’ experience and their approach to the administration of justice.

1. Local Judicial Candidates at the Philadelphia Common Pleas and Municipal Courts. Philly Neighborhood Networks is a member of the Judicial Accountability Table (JAT), a coalition of progressive groups that have been reviewing candidate’s questionnaires and interviewing the candidates in order to make informed recommendations and endorsements. Come and hear from these candidates at the judicial forum “Judge the Judges”, which is scheduled on March 30 & 31, 6-8 PM. Sign up for the JAT Judicial Forum here.

After PNN reviews all the questionnaires and hears from the judicial candidates, we plan to make some recommendations to our membership in early April.

2. Appellate Court Judicial Candidates- The appellate courts review lower trial court decisions that affect all Pennsylvanians. There is one opening on the PA Supreme Court, one opening on the Superior Court, and two openings on the Commonwealth Court. You can learn about all the appellate judicial candidates running in the 2021 Election by going to Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts. At this site, you can also register for a PA Supreme Court Candidates Forum on March 17, 5-6:30 PM, and for a PA Superior Court Candidates Forum on April 6, 6-7:30PM.


Join an Action Committee or Working Group

Action Committees meet to discuss the broad range of issues we should work on within a variety of categories, and our Working Groups develop specific campaigns to take on and develop plans. Take this opportunity to join any of our Action Committees and Working Groups as we begin to decide our work for the year.

Here are our scheduled meetings:

:: Energy Working Group Meeting, Sat, March 13th, 4PM

Discussion of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), next steps on fracking and protecting our waterways, renewables and community solar will be on our agenda, along with other energy initiatives. Get the Link

:: Housing Action Committee Meeting, Tues, March 16th, 7PM

There was a lively discussion of issues at our first Housing meeting, as we talked about gentrification, land trusts, tax abatements, help for renters, homelessness, and affordable housing, among other topics. Join us for our next conversation on what we can do. Get the Link

:: Economic Justice Action Committee, Wed, March 17th, 7PM

We discussed many economic justice topics in our first meeting, including a Poverty Wage Impact Fee, a local wealth tax, an increased gross receipts tax, and PILOTS. Join us as we continue our discussion and hone in on actions we can take. Get the Link

:: Environmental Outreach Working Group, Thurs, March 18th, 7PM

Come join our discussion on how to use community outreach to promote good environmental behavior from each of us and what that might mean as a collective action. We’ll also talk about how to encourage our younger members to engage in community work. Get the Link

:: Education Action Committee Meeting, Thurs, March 18th, 7PM

In our first meeting, we had some interesting conversation around a broad range of issues, much of it tied to a lack of funding, along with an idea for a creative revenue stream. Aiden and I hope to take what we discussed in our first meeting, look for synergy around common concerns, and see what we can do to address them. Get the Link

:: Healthcare Action Committee Meeting, Wed, March 24th, 7PM

Dr. Walter Tsou, the Chair of the Healthcare Action Committee will catch us up on the work he’s been doing. He’ll give us a hot take on an important healthcare bill in Congress, and a short presentation on “Healthcare as a Public Good”. We’ll also talk about a variety of healthcare issues. Get the Link

Isn’t it Time You Joined an Action Committee?

Join an Action Committee for Economic Justice, Education, the Environment, Healthcare, Housing and Electoral Politics. To get started, email


This Week in History

Mar. 12, 1933 – Fireside Chats Introduced. Shortly after being sworn in, Franklin Roosevelt uses the new technology of radio to ease a worried nation suffering through the Great Depression. Over the next 12 years, FDR would use these “chats” as a way to introduce Americans to his New Deal policies.

Mar. 13, 2020 – Say Her Name. A year ago on this day, Breonna Taylor was gunned down in her apartment by plainclothes police officers during a botched raid to capture an ex-boyfriend.

Mar. 15, 1965 – LBJ Calls for Equal Voting Rights. Eight days after violence in Selma, Alabama, Lyndon Johnson addressed a joint session of Congress to declare that “every American citizen must have an equal right to vote” and that “all of us… must overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice.”

Thanks for your activism!

Tim Brown, Organizing Director


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