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Blue Pennsylvania is a committee of Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks, an organization - as the name states - that concerns communities in Philadelphia. Why then, as some people have asked, are we sticking our noses into the politics of suburban areas surrounding the city? The answer is simple: Because too often, suburban and rural politicians stick their noses into our politics.

The most recent examples of such meddling have been most apparent in the Republican gubernatorial campaign, where candidates - Senate State Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, and former federal prosecutor William McSwain – have proposed fighting crime in Philadelphia by reducing the city’s ability to choose its municipal leaders.

Corman would like the Pennsylvania House to initiate impeachment proceedings against Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, based upon his opinion that violent crime in the city was “a direct result of DA Krasner’s failed policies,” which, does not appear to be an impeachable offence.

McSwain’s solution to the city’s alleged DA problem is to take away Philadelphia’s right to elect its own district attorney, and have the governor appoint a DA in Philadelphia. The West Chester Republican is banking on his own gubernatorial victory to make such an appointment.

Of course, most of us understand that the city’s crime problem has not been limited to Philadelphia or even to Democratic cities. As the recent mass shooting in downtown Sacramento (that left six people dead, and 12 people wounded) has demonstrated, “tough” GOP policies that three-term DA Anne Marie Schubert has employed in the city are useless to prevent a murder rate which, last year, had reached a 15 year high.

And why Pennsylvania politicians are invested with overburdening state prisons with innocent people or minor marijuana offenders as the solution violent crime in the city is anyone’s guess.

That has not stopped the Pennsylvania House, however, from recently approving PA HB 2238, which would limit the time that Philadelphia DA can serve to two terms. Every suburban Republican – including “moderates” Todd Stephens (HD 151-Montco) and Chris Quinn (HD 168, Delco) voted for this bill.

The time has come for Philadelphia citizens and others to return the favor to those carpetbaggers who believe that they can profit off of the city’s misfortunes, many that have been created by them and their allies. Here is what you can do to change the direction of our state government.

Canvass for Melissa Cerrato – Who is Running Against Todd Stephens in HD 151 in November

Dates: Sunday May 1, and Saturday, May 14

Time: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Place: 13 Heather Lane, Horsham, PA 19044



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