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In Rosemary's Baby, the anti-Christ is born exactly a half year after the birthday of Jesus. It is an interesting observation, therefore, that January 6 - the attempted death of American democracy - should occur almost six months after the celebration of July 4, the date commemorating the birth of American democracy.

Although the Congressional January 6 Committee is about to release its findings implicating those of the feral right who participated in the insurrection, and their political wing represented by the Republican Party, it has not stopped these groups from continuing their mischief.

Since we will be electing a new Governor, Senator, and State Supreme Court Justice later this year, we therefore need to start addressing such incivility and advocate for a return to decency in our government and in our way of life now. On this Thursday, January 6, there will be two rallies in the western suburbs. Hope you can make one of them. Details are below:


Sponsor: Social Justice Indivisible Date: January 6, 2022 Time: 5 to 6 pm. Where: the intersection of Paper Mill Road, Church Road and Oreland Mill Road in Flourtown / Oreland.

What: A peaceful demonstration. People should wear a mask and bring a small light (candle, flashlight, etc - lights will be aailable if needed). We will be lining the sidewalks, facing the street and standing 6' apart. Bring signs (Democracy, Vote, etc) if you like. The Cheltenham NAACP is also participating.


Sponsor: Hosted by Southeast Pennsylvania Defend Democracy

Date: January 6, 2022 Time: 4:30-7:30pm. Peak time to be there is 6:00pm. Where: Sidewalks along Lancaster Avenue and commuter train stations. What: Join anywhere along Lancaster Avenue that is convenient for you: Philadelphia, Montco, Delco, Chester. Participate anytime during the 3 hours for continuous waves of witness.

  • Battery-powered “candles” or real candles inside a paper cap. Flashlights to illuminate signs. Don't shine at cars, block driveways, store entrances or traffic.

  • Make your own "Defend Democracy in 2022" sign. (Can include or QR code for voter registration and mail-ballot application)

  • Outdoors. Wear a mask if you like. You do not need to be close to others.

Register here. You can just show up, but the more people who register, the more likely we will get press!

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