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It seems that at least once every year recently, a madman sends his minions off to battle the leader of a sovereign country who the madman claimed was elected under false circumstances.

Last year, it was Trump, and this year, it is Putin.

Among the many other similarities between Putin and his ideological counterparts in the United States is the fact that both of them operate under the false banner of freedom. In Putin’s case, he allegedly wants freedom for the Russian minority in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the eastern Ukraine to rule over these areas. In the United States, we have politicians demanding that we ban books and stifle discussion about significant issues and historical events in classrooms throughout our 500 school districts in Pennsylvania – all in the name of freedom.

Putin has no misgivings about sending his troops off to a war that will likely produce high casualties on both sides of the conflict’s borders. Politicians in Pennsylvania have no qualms about persuading parents to weaponize their children to fight their culture wars.

And isn’t Republicans’ overuse of “Woke Democrats” getting a little old? Russians must also be feeling rather tired of their leader’s use of false narratives to describe their neighbor to the west. That has to be at least one of the reasons for their protests.

Well, as bad as things seems internationally, it was a very good week for democracy in Pennsylvania. The PA Supreme Court finalized a Congressional map in Pennsylvania that favors Republicans slightly, but offers a number of opportunities for Democrats to compete in Republican districts.

The other piece of good news is that the Board of Education of the School District of Philadelphia has approved a voter education and registration policy for the district. We stiil need to assure that this policy is properly enforced, and if we succeed, Philadelphia could add as many as 8,000 new voters a year to its voter roles.

Are you psyched yet? Because if you are, here’s how you can be involved.



Registering newly naturalized citizens has been a success. Shifts are available for the next few weeks. The venue is the USCIS Office in Philadelphia: 30 North 41 St Philadelphia, PA,19104.

If you live in or near Philadelphia and can commit to one or more shifts this week, please sign up below using the following link. Shifts last an hour. If you have NOT done this before, they encourage you to arrive 15 minutes before your shift so they can review the form together and they have time to answer any questions you may have.

At the moment, due to Covid, volunteers are not permitted in the building. So, please dress accordingly. However, after the ceremony an announcement will be made about you being outside ready to register everyone to vote.


Turn PA Blue has voter registration postcards for Senate District 44, Senator Katie Muth's district. These are highly targeted to unregistered future voters, who are likely Democrats.


1. They will provide packets of 60 postcards, addresses, and instructions with a short script. You are welcome to more than 60 postcards if you’d like!

2. You handwrite the message and addresses

3. You provide the stamps

4. Mail completed postcards on March 15th (they are tracking registrations from this list, so it is important to mail on that date)

If you would like to participate, please reach out to Patti Feuerstein at

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