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From now until primary day, we will be concentrating on school board races in the collar counties.

Why? It’s only the primary?

The reason is that Democratic school board candidates can cross-file in both the Democratic and Republican primaries, and so can Republicans.

We need to make certain that Democratic voters know who the true Democratic candidates are.

At our “Defend Students’ Rights” forum this past Wednesday, we heard from Wayde Weston, a school board candidate running on the Democratic slate called PV Forward. The rival Republican slate – Five for PV – has been texting Democratic voters with a message of:

“The Democratic primary is May 16. Vote ‘Five for PV’”.

If you feel that this message is misleading, you can do something about it. On Sunday, at 1 PM, Blue Pennsylvania is sponsoring a canvass in Perkiomen Valley for the PV Forward slate. Volunteers will meet at the Central Perkiomen Valley Park, which is at 1 Plank Road in Schwenksville. The meeting spot will be in the parking lot that is just to the left as you turn into the park. The weather is supposed to be partly sunny, with highs in the low 70's – perfect canvass weather.

If you can make it, contact Jane Uptegrove at, and/or me at

Can’t make it Sunday? Click here for other canvasses going on this weekend.



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