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Last night, many of us watched the first installment of the January 6 hearings on television. One motif that permeated the hearings was that, according to the last administration and their supporters, the lie expressed repeatedly will, as a self-fulfilling prophecy, become true.

State Senator Ryan Aument, is no stranger to that lie, having participated, along with 23 other Republican state senators, in an amicus brief submitted to the US Supreme Court in support of the Texas’ lawsuit in early January, 2021, to overturn Pennsylvania’s election results.

It is therefore with a certain irony that Audit the Vote, a group devoted to spreading false claims about the 2020 election, has proclaimed that Aument’s recent 20 point win over challenger Michael R. Miller, was illegitimate.

Although Aument has called Audit the Vote’s position “a lie” and “welcomes a recount”, he is somewhat tentative about who should pay for it. The right feels that endless audits are a legitimate way to spend taxpayers’ money. The recent continuation of a contract with Envoy Sage, an Iowa firm, to audit the 2020 election results, demonstrates this resolve in the Republican dominated state senate. So far, senate Republicans have spent $357,000 for Envoy Sage’s services. No dollar amount has yet been announced for the latest contract. The State Supreme Court is still considering whether Envoy Sage should have access to certain pieces of voters’ private information, like driver’s license ID’s and partial Social Security numbers, even though Envoy Sage can’t even keep their own information secure.

Obviously, some people will be unmoved by last night’s hearing, but if nothing else, it brought January 6 to the forefront, and showed us just how fragile our democracy is, when good people are moved to the sidelines. You still have an opportunity to be a player. Here is what you can do:



NEW TIME: TUESDAYS FROM 10 AM-12 PM STARTING TUESDAY, 6/14. Join us outside to write postcards together for our state legislative candidates.


Join our friends at Sister District to make calls on Thursdays from 12-2 PM. The calls alternate each week between Melissa Cerrato for State Rep and State Representative Dan Williams. Training and support provided by Sister District while you dial. SIGN UP HERE.

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