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Local elections always interesting. Constituents’ knowledge of politics at the national level far surpasses what they know about who is making decisions about their trash, water, and schools. Republicans would like to keep it that way. That is why Republican Fred Harran has been flaunting his support by Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) in the Bucks County Sheriff’s race, against Democrat Mark Lomax, a retired State Police major. That endorsement, coupled with Bucks County GOP Chair Pat Poprik’s remarks that “… a city like Philadelphia, which has Democrat Larry Krasner as District Attorney, and sadly just marked its 400th murder for the year.”

These emails have previously discussed why there is little connection between Philadelphia’s D.A. and the number of homicides in the city; the most salient being that homicide rates have increased nationally, not just locally. But just consider the Bucks County Republicans’ positive obsession with the FOP and their negative perception of Larry Krasner. Krasner was elected to be the city’s District Attorney because he was going to address the belief that many Philadelphia citizens - particularly Black and Brown citizens – were being wrongfully convicted. In June, a report from Krasner’s office had substantiated that belief. While the FOP enjoys a cozy relationship with right-wing extremists, it has consistently defended its unscrupulous members, thereby continuing the practice of wrongful arrests. The only conclusion that one can draw from these actions is that Bucks Republicans like Harran and Poprik want their constituents to believe that the county would be a safer place by arresting the wrong people.

We find a similar type of logic being employed by the Republican reaction to mask mandates in schools. The Central York School Board – the same board that had banned books on racial justice earlier this year – allowed parents to opt out of the State’s mask mandate, stating that “The board believes … that parents are the best judge of their children’s medical and mental well-being.” If that statement were even remotely true, Child Protective Service agencies would cease to exist.


On Monday (10/11) and Tuesday (10/12), at 1 PM, we are going to be canvassing in Horsham for Horsham Council, the Hatboro-Horsham School Board, Common Pleas, Superior, Commonwealth, and Supreme Courts. If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me at

George Stern is leading another group to canvass in Northampton, Bucks County, on Wednesday (10/13). The group will leave from the High Point Café on Allen Lane at 3 PM, and canvass for about two hours for town supervisors, school board, Tax Collector, and Auditor. This area is in PA HD 178. If we can elect more Dems to local offices up there, we increase our chances of changing this flippable Republican district blue. If you are interested, contact George at


ATTENTION SPANISH SPEAKERS: One important school district race in Todd Stephens (Republican incumbent, HD 151, Montco) legislative district is North Penn. The North Penn School Board candidates need your help. In order to reach Spanish speaking voters they need language capable volunteers. Will you help them to phone bank and canvass this important group of voters? To join the team, contact the Spanish outreach coordinator Kim at They have already started an innovative phonebank to identify a messaging strategy and will follow with targeted calls and canvassing.

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