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The classic illustration of the Yiddish term “Chutzpah” is the man who kills his parents and then pleads for the court to grant him mercy because he is an orphan.  Perhaps PA Representative Jim Christiana (R. Beaver) should become the new poster child for this term.  Why?  Because he, along with the majority of the Pennsylvania House, had approved a 2017-18 State spending plan at the end of last June; and then along with the other representatives, left Harrisburg for a two month vacation without finding proper funding for this plan.  During that time, we never heard a protest from Representative Christiana about the House abrogating its Constitutional obligation to balance the budget in a timely manner, yet he has come back, well rested, and is suing Governor Tom Wolf, State Treasurer Joe Torsella, and State Auditor Eugene DePasquale for profligate spending on the budget that he approved.  If Mr. Christiana believes that wasting State resources on such a silly lawsuit is the answer to the State’s budget problems, perhaps it is time for him to allow a more responsible legislator to assume his office.

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