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VIOLENCE!!!! That was probably not the intent of Republican state lawmakers, who are normally just content to take large sums of money from rich donors wishing to privatize public education, poison our air and water, and finding novel methods of exploiting poverty to increase their own personal wealth. Over the past nine months, however, the GOP caucuses in the PA House and Senate have passed bills and employed their legislative credentials to stir up anger in their supporters, as well as to provide them with the weapons to channel that anger.

Through amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs in support of the Texas vs. Pennsylvania lawsuit (in support of Texas), as well as letters to Congress, these lawmakers have consistently tried to undermine the credibility of the November election results (although not theirs), thereby creating doubt and anger amongst their constituents.

The Republican dominated House and Senate also passed HB 1747, an NRA authored piece of legislation that would prevent restrictions on the sales and the conveyance of firearms during a declared emergency.

It would appear to be a stretch to claim that the above actions by the Republicans on the state’s legislature constitute a conspiracy, but it would be difficult to ignore how the network of their activities would not lead to violence, as this diagram illustrates.

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