We're moving

in 2022. Will you join us?


Onward is our end of the year fundraising campaign to recruit 100 new contributions between now and December 31st. With your support, we can extend PNN’s incredible run of successful initiatives in organizing for 2022, and beyond!

PNN has accomplished a lot.

Here’s what member funding has helped us organize recently:

  • A huge turnout in PA to help defeat Trump

  • Larry Krasner's re-election as District Attorney in a landslide

  • Leadership in Philadelphia's movement to establish a Public Bank and superb organization of a  supermajority of City Council members to co-sponsor a Philly Public Bank. 

  • A force to stop the city from cutting taxes on wealthy businesses, to protect city parks, recreation centers, and libraries

  • An alliance of organizations to stop evictions during the pandemic

  • A host of town halls on "Reimagining Police in Our Neighborhoods" and "Banning Plastic Bags in Philly"

  • A 10-part workshop series "How City Council Works"

  • Rallies and protests such as "People’s Budget May Day Action", " Tax the Rich Rally" and "Count Every Vote"

Please consider a Monthly Recurring Donation-- they are the lifeblood of organizations such as ours. They have allowed PNN to remain a political force to reckon with, and these regular contributions empower our members to bring the movement for progressive change to their neighbors.

Give to PNN to help achieve our goals.

That means growing our ranks with the next generation of young members and organizers, and building a massive GOTV effort involving hundreds of volunteers that turns out tens of thousands of voters to win the incredibly important elections ahead of us, including progressive campaigns for U.S.

Senate and PA Governor. Apart from elections, we have a chance to cross the goal line on issues we’ve fought hard for, including a ban on evictions except for good cause, and the establishment of a Philadelphia Public Bank!