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We're moving

in 2023. Will you join us?

With your support, we can extend PNN’s incredible run of successful initiatives in organizing for 2023, and beyond!


PNN has accomplished a lot.

Here’s what member funding has helped us organize recently:

  • Elect a US Senator and PA Governor through our Get Out the Vote campaigns.

  • Elect several committed progressives in the primary for State Legislature, such as Chris Rabb, Tarik Khan, Rick Krajewski, and Liz Fielder.

  • Championed a campaign to pass public banking legislation by a 15-1 vote in Philadelphia City Council.

  • Broadcast monthly series such as Talking in the Neighborhood and Philly Talks Trash, which provide information about local issues on Zoom, YouTube, and Germantown radio.

  • Supported safe and affordable housing efforts in Whole Home Repair & Good Cause legislation through educational zoom meetings, and social media campaigns.

  • Host monthly movie nights with guest speakers and open discussions, airing films like Power to Heal about Medicare and the Black community, Abortion Helpline: This is Lisa about reproductive rights, and Changing the World about activism.

  • Host educational events like a town hall meeting on prison reform and oversight, the Protect Our Vote Rally, and city budget meetings.

Please consider a Monthly Recurring Donation-- they are the lifeblood of organizations such as ours. They have allowed PNN to remain a political force to reckon with, and these regular contributions empower our members to bring the movement for progressive change to their neighbors.

Make a tax-deductible donation

to our Justice Fund:

Make a donation to all our work, including electoral activities:

Or Send Donation by Mail to: Philly Neighborhood Networks, c/o Gloria Gilman, 121 S. Broad St, Suite 1720, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Give to PNN to help achieve our goals.

That means growing our Action Committees to tackle the pressing issues in housing, education, prison conditions, healthcare, the environment, and economic justice that we work on all year. Next year, your contributions will also enable us to play a crucial role in the election for Mayor and a new City Council, shaping the future of Philly for years to come. We have unfinished business in getting the Philadelphia Public Bank up and running!  There is much to be done and we need your help to do it.

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