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   If you're interested in joining the Housing Action Committee's efforts, email any questions or comments to


Our Beliefs

We believe that housing is a human right, regardless of their income or background: a safe, accessible, sustainable home that should be in a healthy, strong community. We believe this is the responsibility of federal, state, and local governments as well as private institutions. We understand that the lack of housing; accessible, adequate, affordable, and sustainable, is part of a much larger economic crisis, but it is a crisis in and of itself that must be prioritized at the highest levels.

Our Focus

We are focused on supporting and uplifting the needs and interests of Philadelphians across all housing situations through education, policies, resources, and action.

We have an expanded version of our beliefs, vision, and values that are up for discussion at our first meeting available below.

Our Allies

These organizations that we would like to support, uplift, and collaborate with to achieve our shared goals for Philadelphia. 

A united group of organizations committed to fight anyone who supports those developers in their attempts to rob & pillage our neighborhoods.

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