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If you're interested in joining the Healthcare Action Committee's efforts, email any questions or comments to


Medicare for All Act

We urge you to call your Member of Congress and tell them to support HR 1976, the Medicare for All Act. 

In 1965 our government created the most cost effective, successful and popular health program in America - Medicare. Since then, it has become one of the foundational social programs for our nation, providing healthcare to millions of Americans who would otherwise die for lack of money to cover their medical bills. 


Unfortunately, it is not for everyone because of intense lobbying by the for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical industry. This leaves tens of millions with exorbitant bills and unaffordable drugs.  


It is past time for Medicare for All.  Single payer, national health insurance would cover everyone, control healthcare costs and dramatically simplify the system.  It will also save we taxpayers billions of dollars every year! But it won’t happen, though, unless we the people demand it. 

Here are Pennsylvania's House of Representatives members, who have yet to support Medicare for All unless noted otherwise:

1st District: Brian Fitzpatrick (R)                   (215) 579-8102

2nd District: Brendan Boyle (D)                    (215) 335-3355                <--- Supports Medicare for All

3rd District: Dwight Evans (D)                       (215) 276-0340                <--- Supports Medicare for All

4th District: Madeleine Dean (D)                  (215) 884-4300

5th District: Mary Scanlon (D)                       (610) 626-2020

6th District: Chrissy Houlahan (D)                (610) 883-5050

7th District: Susan Wild (D)                            (610) 333-1170                <--- Supports Medicare for All

8th District: Matt Cartwright (D)                   (570) 341-1050                <--- Supports Medicare for All

9th District: Daniel Meuser (R)                      (717) 473-5375

10th District: Scott Perry (R)                          (717) 635-9504

11th District: Lloyd Smucker (R)                    (717) 393-0667

12th District: Fred Keller (R)                           (570) 374-9469

13th District: John Joyce (R)                            (717) 357-6320

14th District: Guy Reschenthaler (R)            (202) 225-2065

15th District: Glenn Thompson (R)               (814) 353-0215

16th District: Mike Kelly (R)                            (814) 454-8190

17th District: Conor Lamb (D)                       (724) 206-4860

18th District: Michael Doyle (D)                    (412) 390-1499               <--- Supports Medicare for All

What We

The Healthcare Action Committee believes that access to affordable healthcare is a right, not a privilege; that providing such care in a timely manner, no matter the economic circumstance of the patient, is a moral responsibility for our nation, as well as a measure of national character. We believe that our City must build more local clinics, and refurbish and properly support existing clinics, so that every resident can get to see a doctor in a timely manner.

We're looking for dedicated and inspired volunteers to help us set the foundation for this initiative.

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