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   If you're interested in joining the Electoral Politics Action Committee's efforts, email any questions or comments to




In Pennsylvania, we endorse John Fetterman for Senate, Josh Shapiro for Governor, and Austin Davis for Lt. Governor.

In Philadelphia, we endorse:

- Dwight Evans for Congress;

- Art Haywood and Rick Krajewski for State Senate;

- Chris Rabb, Tariq Khan, Liz Fiedler, Ben Waxman, and Joe Hohenstein for State Representatives.

In our suburbs, we endorse:

 - Ann Marie Mitchell for State Senate;

- Jennifer O’Mara, Mark Moffa, Melissa Cerrato, Tim Brennan, Brian Munroe, Ann Marie Mitchell, Paul Takac, and Lisa Borowski for State Representative.

PNN Canvass Vol for Kendra Brooks at Len

Our Endorsement Process

  1. We begin in the late Fall before a Primary election to find out who has declared candidacy for key state and local elections. We have sometimes encouraged individuals to run for office.

  2. We present all candidates with a lengthy questionnaire tailored to the office, current issues and our policy initiatives.

  3. After reviewing candidate responses, we invite each applicant to meet with small groups of our knowledgeable senior members to explain their responses and why we should endorse them.

  4. On occasion we will sponsor candidate forums to allow a larger audience to hear from the candidates directly.

  5. After meeting all applicants for endorsement, our interviewer groups pool their notes, discuss what they have learned from the written and in-person responses and make a presentation to the Steering Committee.

  6. The Steering Committee will then send endorsement recommendations via the internet to our members along with the materials submitted by the candidates.

  7. The membership then votes on a slate

  8. After tallying the vote, we inform the candidates and the public of our endorsement.

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