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The Division Captain Program

     Our Division Captain (DC) program is a nonpartisan immersion into community

organizing. Sponsored by Philly Neighborhood Networks, the DC Program

provides on-line training and hands-on community work, including workshops and

analysis on shared issues, to help participants develop an understanding of the root

causes – and solutions – to perpetual community problems.

     The program begins with a three-month series of online workshops where participants

will learn theory, strategies and tactics. During this training, they’ll have opportunities to

put what they’ve learned into practice in the field. They’ll be working as part of a team of

hundreds of Division Captains and will share stories and ideas in regular Zoom calls.

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A Leader

Participants be enrolling in a program that aims to build engagement within their political division in Philadelphia – often, an area of a few blocks surrounding  their home. One of their main responsibilities will be speaking regularly with neighbors about shared concerns.


with Issues

Participants will be working in the community, organizing volunteers and leading actions around the issues most important to their community. And they’ll coordinate with our Action Committee teams to recruit neighbors to take part in actions – on education, the environment, healthcare, housing, economic and racial justice.

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Core Skills

Participants will learn how to take an idea and turn it into meaningful action. They’ll take part in workshops on how government works, while learning the core skills of grassroots organizing – how to choose the appropriate action, how to recruit volunteers and attract the media, how to handle field logistics and how to have an effective conversation. These activities will be valuable skills that not only look good on a resume but will serve them in life.

Hands-On Action

Participants will talk with elected officials and other leaders to discuss issues their neighbors want implemented and the policies to address them. They’ll be taking partin the decision-making process, and learning how to build community power.

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If you're interested in attending Division Captain training in the future, send any comments or questions to Tim Brown at

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