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Take Action: No Tax Giveaways! Invest in City Services and Fund Our Neighborhoods!

Yesterday, City Council put in motion more than $30 million in more tax cuts for big business and the wealthy. At the same time they cut Council member Gauthier’s proposed $72 million investment in services to less than $6 million. 

This is unacceptable. However, this deal is not yet done.

The tax cut legislation will have to be approved at a full Council session next Thursday to go into effect. Before then, we need to let Councilmembers know that we completely disagree that the City should prioritize giving big business more money to throw to their already rich shareholders over funding services desperately needed by our people. 

Call and/or Email Council ASAP. Click the link below for contact information and talking points you can use in contacting members of Council to let them know that what they are planning to do may be good for big business, but is bad for the business of the people!


We’re an independent progressive political organization that emerged from the city’s grass roots in 2004 and have grown to include activists throughout the city and into the suburbs. We engage, educate, and empower our neighbors to support candidates and policies that put people and the planet before profit.

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