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November 1, 2012

This Election is In Our Hands Now

Things we Can Do to Get Out the Vote for Obama

As we speak, the latest poll has Obama up by only 4% in PA. And that doesn't account for any votes we may lose because people feel too stressed to vote due to Sandy and its aftermath. So our work to get out the vote is more important than ever!

Fortunately we have many ways to help. If you want to phone, go door-to-door, motivate volunteers, hold up signs, put signs up at polling places, whatever . . . here’s the one stop shopping place for finding out what you can do, from the general to the very specific.

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The General

That would be the Obama campaign, with offices throughout the Philadelphia area. To find one in your neighborhood, or some other neighborhood you’d like to work in, just click here.

The Labor-Community Connection

One of the few good things about Citizens’ United is that it allows unions to collaborate with community folks to do joint work. Presto! Workers’ Voice was created and it has us doing joint canvassing in the City’s swingiest area, the great Northeast, in the final days. On Saturday the WV canvass will jump off at 9 AM. On Tuesday there will be three shifts, 9, 12 and 3. Each of those shifts will gather at the Sprinkle Fitters Union, 14002 McNulty Rd. You can just show up, or you can contact either of the following, with questions or to let them know you’re coming:

Liz McElroy, 267-455-8191, Nick Alpers, 215-518-8760,

Center City West

This is where the most intensive ground game of all is being magnificently organized by Steve Poses, formerly famed for his food, but now his political acumen as well.
This team is having fun. They will be at the polls figuring out who hasn’t voted by early afternoon. Then they will be gathering at seven homes in the area, writing personal notes to the slackers to get them out. Then they will have folks delivering the notes. Then they will have sign holders at key places reminding people that it’s not too late. Want to be part of this fun and important work? Drop a note to Steve at

Signing at Intersections

Creative NN member Judy Morgan is leading a team that will remind drivers at busy City intersections that they have a civic duty to perform on Tuesday. To volunteer contact Judy Morgan at or 267-385-5049. Here’s her plan:
WHAT: Hold up large ‘VOTE OBAMA’ signs
WHERE: Intersection of 40th and Market Streets OR North Broad and Cecil B. Moore Streets
WHEN: This Friday, November 2ND from 4 to 6pm and
Monday, November 5th from 4 to 6pm
WEAR: Warm and comfortable clothing and shoes
BRING: Water (and snacks) & all your friends!

Calling Volunteers

Yes, there’s a plan to call people who have already volunteered to actually show up to volunteer. Because people must be reminded! Nothing can be taken for granted, there is just too much at stake.

This is for NN members who are also MoveOn members. If interested, send an email to Stan Shapiro at

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