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November 2, 2016

FBI is Trying to Rig This Election for Trump

We Can't Let it Happen!

This is getting serious, folks. The FBI now seems fully engaged in giving the election to Trump. First it re-injected the email controversy into the public mind, making a statement suggesting an escalation of the "scandal" while offering absolutely no evidence to support that innuendo.

Now it's published investigative files on Bill Clinton's widely-criticized pardon of a Wall St. financier on his last day in office. This has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and is just another diversion from the issue we all need to be looking at squarely in the face. And that's the fact that our country cannot abide having an out, proud, racist, xenophobic abuser of women as the President of the United States.

NN members can't control the FBI. But we can do our part to educate voters on what's important and what's not by talking to our neighbors over the final four days of this campaign.

Yesterday we wrote about the canvasses taking place out of NN's office at 5535 Lena Street during this period. We'd love to see you there. But there are also events taking place all around the City and region, so no matter where you live you should be able to find a canvass staging site near you. Just click here and you'll get to MoveOn's canvass location link where you can enter your zip and find a spot and time that works for you.

Please pitch in folks. Let's dispense with the morning after regrets we'll all have on November 9th if we let the FBI take this election away from the voters through their historically unprecedented campaign of deceit and distortion.

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If you'd like to Canvass Out of the NN site

Just to be clear, if you put in zipcode 19144 at the MoveOn site searcher link, you'll come up with the canvass sign-up links for our office canvasses. Our office is at 5535 Lena Street. If you're going to be with us, please be sure to click the appropriate link so we'll have everything ready for you when you arrive.


On Monday, November 7th, our office will be visited by a busload of New York volunteers who will be helping us turn out our voters. Because of the strike, we will need drivers to get them to their jumping off spots, and to get them back. If you can volunteer for this work, please email us at

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