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Our Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods with elected Ward Coordinators

Neighborhoods in the city are wards or ward groups that could cover several wards. Each ward group has a coordinator that organizes the Neighborhood Networks members that live in that neighborhood. The ward groups are listed below. In addition, the neighborhood leader may include information about current activities. Our neighborhood/ward organization  is meant to parallel the party organizations in the city. Our ultimate aim is to have a group representing every ward inthe city. These neighborhood/ward groups provide our connection to our membership and are the places where endorsements and other grassroots decisions are made. We not only hope to influence political dialogue in all of the neighborhoods, but also to encourage progressives to consider running for office and to assist them when they do.

Individual Involvement in Neighborhoods and Committees

There are three ways that individuals can have an impact on decisions and campaigns of NN.

  • All members can be involved with their Neighborhood/Ward groups regularly and can contribute to group decisions.

  • All NN committees are open to our members and we strongly encourage individuals to participate actively in one committee or another.

  • Finally, we are open to any members seeking leadership in NN on the Steering or Executive Committees or volunteering to be our representative to a coalition with whom we are working. Any member interested in a leadership position should make that known to their neighborhood/ward coordinator or our chairperson.

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