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Saving the Germantown Y

Germantown NN Members Play Key Role

August 23, 2010

Two years ago the venerable YMCA of Germantown, established in 1871, was on the ropes, ready to become yet another Germantown community treasure that passed away from neglect and lack of effective leadership. But that is when several members of the Germantown NN chapter "took it on" as a community project. The Y had to be saved....

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Coming September 25: POW (the Progressive Organizing Workshop).

What you'll learn: everything you need to know about beating Republicans, and Keeping Democrats . . . democrats.

By Stan Shapiro

August 15, 2010

OK, let’s start with first things first. We must defeat the Republicans this Fall. The Republican Party has scuttled all pretenses to moderation, particularly in Pennsylvania. Its candidates for Governor and Senator, Tom Corbett and Pat Toomey, are far to the right of the last Republican holders of those offices, Tom Ridge and Rick Santorum. Yes, that’s right, Pat Toomey is far to the right of Rick Santorum. And Tom Corbett, who claims that the unemployed like being out of work, and that national health care legislation is unconstitutional, thinks taking Pennsylvania back to the 1920’s would be really swell.

So these two must be beaten, no ifs, ands, or buts. Insuring that PA remains blue this Fall is reason enough to hold a training event devoted to getting out a huge Democratic vote in November. Register now!...

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Real Change In Harrisburg Starts with Electing Tim Kearney

Let's Help Kearney Now in the Race to Replace Perzel

By Dave Bell

December 21, 2009

In December'09 Neighborhood Networks endorsed Tim Kearney in the Democratic Party primary as a candidate for State Representative from the 172nd District in Northeast Philadelphia. Tim is a member of Neighborhood Networks and is a long time progressive who has challenged the status quo in Philadelphia and Harrisburg for many election cycles. He is a community activist who talks with his feet as well as his mouth. He was most recently involved with preserving Burholme Park from further incursion by the Fox Chase Cancer Center, but at the same time offering reasonable alternatives.

Since Tim is a progressive independent bucking the business as usual machine, he has developed a strategy that will function both within and outside the Democratic Party. He is organizing supporters within his district to run for committee and ward positions and asking that friends and supporting organizations outside the district commit resources to help build an infrastructure that will ensure his primary victory and eventual election in November 2010. He is asking that Neighborhood Networks assume the responsibility for at least one election division. In principle, NN agrees with this strategy but is unable to commit to a division until we hear from you. If are willing to work on Tim’s campaign, please call or email Dave Bell at 215-242-9066 or

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