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David Schogel
   Phone: 215-266-1308 (Mobile)
   Phone: 215-438-7047 (Home)

Conni Bille
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Meetings & Activities

Neighborhood Networks in Germantown is a lively chapter with active participants representative of wards stretching from Nicetown-Tioga and Oak Lane to the west side of Germantown touching Washington Lane and from Wissahickon Ave to Ogontz (Wards 11,12,13,17 and 59). We meet on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month at the Germantown Theatre Center at 4821 GERMANTOWN AVE at 7:00 PM. (Go through the fence and garden to the old stone barn)

We sponsor local town meetings on issues like gun violence and forums for candidates for local offices. We participate in petition drives and get-out-the vote activities and we encourage progressive people to "get informed and get involved" to make a difference.







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If you're a member of Philly NN and know of an event that should be posted here, log in to submit an event, or email: .


NN Helps "Obamacare" Sign-Up

Germantown NN Members Get Busy

By Conni Bille

December 19, 2013

Four days a week at the Germantown Life Enrichment Center a team of NN members are offering hands-on help to people wanting to sign up for the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") health insurance. On Monday afternoons 1:00 to 3:00 PM, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30 to 8:00 and Saturdays 1:00 to 3:00 NN members offer computer access and information to community members. Community members have been delighted....

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NN Participates in Public Banking Conference

Move Our Money!

By Conni Bille

May 1, 2012

Philadelphia's Friends Center was the site of a conference on April 27-28 which hopes to impact public finance in a real and practical 99%ish way by putting public monies to work for the public. What a concept! Three members of the NN Steering Committee participated....

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Eighth Council District NN Adopts A Platform

It Puts People, and Communities, Before Profits

By Stan Shapiro

February 21, 2011

After two energizing and productive meetings among NN members in the 8th Councilmanic District, the group endorsed a platform for Council candidates at its February 8th meeting. It stresses community, jobs and government transparency. Here it is, in its entirety.

I. Government Transparency accessibility and accountability

A) Council members should maintain an office in the district (if they represent one) so their constituents have more direct access.

B) Decisions about large funding streams shall require community input to make sure they benefit the local community. Funding of CDC’s, and other quasi-governmental organizations, shall be approved by City Council after public hearing and subjected to regular financial and performance auditing. Audits shall be published on the City website and subject to public hearings when requested by affected residents, communities or advocacy groups.

C) All meetings of government and quasi-public bodies shall be widely publicized in local as well as citywide media, with substantial advance notice, and held at convenient times and locations. Any changes in zoning shall require public input, prior to submission to City Council. Local neighborhood groups shall be informed of proposed changes in a timely manner.

II. Create More Housing Opportunities

A) Reorganize the acquisition and distribution of abandoned houses in the City. The City needs a single agency to be in charge of acquiring, disposing and rehabilitating abandoned homes that blight communities across the District and the City.

B) Funding streams must be developed that enable local residents to acquire abandoned properties, rehabilitate them employing local residents to the extent possible to do the work, and maintain them as their primary residence.

C) Developers should be compelled to contribute funding into a linked development fund to build low-income housing or renovate existing housing.


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Minutes of NW Neighborhood Networks Mtg Jan. 10, 2011

Eighth District Race Remains in Forefront

By David Schogel, Connie Bille, Stan Shapiro

January 27, 2011

The Potluck meeting began promptly at 6PM. David Schogel provided a brief overview of what happened at the last Neighborhood Network meeting that was held at Germantown Y on December 12th. He explained that today’s agenda is a continuation of that December 12th meeting and that minutes were mailed to all those with email address. Those that received phone calls as a method to invite them to tonight’s meeting are referred to the web site and that there were a limited number of minutes available for those who wanted them this evening.

Tonight’s meeting followed the same format of folks dividing themselves into the 3 sub-group for topics discussions on 12-12. David Schogel summarized what happened in Subgroup 1, Stan Shapiro summarized what had occurred in Group 2 and Connie Bille summarized what had happened in Subgroup 3. David pointed out that after the 3 Subgroups meet this evening we would reconvene as a large group and hear what the 3 Subgroups discussed and decided. Minutes would be written and again sent out to all 350 members on our email and phone lists....

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Germantown NN Community Meeting

Summary of the Meeting Dec. 12, 2010

December 26, 2010

The Potluck dinner meeting began promptly at 6PM with David Schogel updating everyone on the last meeting that was held in November at the Germantown Friends Meeting House. The December agenda was a result of that meeting. David also referred everyone to the web site for an up to date report. He mentioned that there is an effort to start a Progressive Caucus within the Philadelphia Democratic Party spearheaded by NN members who are Committeepersons. Everyone present was introduced, and divided into 3 sub groups to discuss various topics...

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Saving the Germantown Y

Germantown NN Members Play Key Role

August 23, 2010

Two years ago the venerable YMCA of Germantown, established in 1871, was on the ropes, ready to become yet another Germantown community treasure that passed away from neglect and lack of effective leadership. But that is when several members of the Germantown NN chapter "took it on" as a community project. The Y had to be saved....

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Coming September 25: POW (the Progressive Organizing Workshop).

What you'll learn: everything you need to know about beating Republicans, and Keeping Democrats . . . democrats.

By Stan Shapiro

August 15, 2010

OK, let’s start with first things first. We must defeat the Republicans this Fall. The Republican Party has scuttled all pretenses to moderation, particularly in Pennsylvania. Its candidates for Governor and Senator, Tom Corbett and Pat Toomey, are far to the right of the last Republican holders of those offices, Tom Ridge and Rick Santorum. Yes, that’s right, Pat Toomey is far to the right of Rick Santorum. And Tom Corbett, who claims that the unemployed like being out of work, and that national health care legislation is unconstitutional, thinks taking Pennsylvania back to the 1920’s would be really swell.

So these two must be beaten, no ifs, ands, or buts. Insuring that PA remains blue this Fall is reason enough to hold a training event devoted to getting out a huge Democratic vote in November. Register now!...

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Gtown NN Toasts the Germantown Chronicle

Also Supports Acorn Facing PR Smears in National Media

October 7, 2009

On October 6th the Germantown chapter met to toast the Germantown Chronicle for the excellent work it has been doing since its launch last spring in exposing problems in the community and opening up opportunities for reform.

Publisher Jim Foster addressed the group and accepted the compliment on behalf of his hard-working reporting and editorial staff. Also in attendance was Jim Bear of Gtown Radio which provides local news and commentary via internet radio which "webcasts" 24 hours a day at The Chronicle is distributed free to residents throughout Germantown.
NN plans to work with both Gtown Radio and the Germantown Chronicle to develop and promote issues forums in the year ahead.

NN Coordinator Conni Bille noted "Last winter Germantown NN was bemoaning the demise of our local newspaper. A group of members were reaching out to identify other communication alternatives to foster local progress. In the process we formed stronger ties both with Jim Foster who was putting together the new newspaper and Jim Bear who was running G-town Radio....

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Opening of Obama Office in Germantown

NNers Attend Opening August 7

By Conni Bille, Germantown NN Coordinator

August 8, 2008

Several members of Germantown Neighborhood Networks joined the throng at the jam-packed opening of the Obama campaign office at 206 W Chelten Avenue on Thursday night August 7. The enthusiastic and diverse attendees at the meeting came from all sections of Northwest Philly - from Nicetown to Chestnut Hill. Most - including the Germantown contingent - had only a day's notice of the event.

At the meeting NN connected with the staff organizers assigned to our Wards. We had representatives present to cover all of the teams (each team covering two wards) Over the next week or so the Obama team leaders will meet with their respective groups. Most are convening at the Obama campaign office on Saturday August 9 between 10 and 2 PM.


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