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Vote for Jeff Hornstein in the First Councilmanic District

He Builds Community-Labor Alliances

May 3, 2011

This, as they say, is a no-brainer.

Jeff Hornstein is a labor leader and an intellectual. It's a rare combination and one that would enable Jeff to have a powerful impact on a City Council that desperately needs both Jeff’s breadth of knowledge and his sensitivity to the needs of working people.

Jeff’s doctorate is in American history, and he’s actually made history since he landed an organizing job with SEIU Local 32BJ in 2004 in Philadelphia.

As organizing and political director for the 32BJ, Jeff worked on a wide variety of issues important to low and moderate income communities. In particular, Jeff was instrumental in organizing the Philadelphia Transit Coalition to fight for dedicated funding for mass transit. That effort successfully stabilized SEPTA funding in a lasting way. Jeff was also at the center of the Philadelphia Campaign for Housing Justice, which waged a battle to pass inclusionary zoning legislation in City Council. Although that effort stalled due to the Great Recession of 2008, building blocks were laid that will undoubtedly bear fruit later, especially if Jeff is a member of the Council that has the task of completing this work....

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Coming September 25: POW (the Progressive Organizing Workshop).

What you'll learn: everything you need to know about beating Republicans, and Keeping Democrats . . . democrats.

By Stan Shapiro

August 15, 2010

OK, let’s start with first things first. We must defeat the Republicans this Fall. The Republican Party has scuttled all pretenses to moderation, particularly in Pennsylvania. Its candidates for Governor and Senator, Tom Corbett and Pat Toomey, are far to the right of the last Republican holders of those offices, Tom Ridge and Rick Santorum. Yes, that’s right, Pat Toomey is far to the right of Rick Santorum. And Tom Corbett, who claims that the unemployed like being out of work, and that national health care legislation is unconstitutional, thinks taking Pennsylvania back to the 1920’s would be really swell.

So these two must be beaten, no ifs, ands, or buts. Insuring that PA remains blue this Fall is reason enough to hold a training event devoted to getting out a huge Democratic vote in November. Register now!...

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